Phlebotomy Technician Resume Sample

Updated on November 11, 2015

Overview and Guidelines

The first step to an exciting, new career is to prepare a resume that is designed to knock the reader’s eyeballs out! Resumes that put people on the fast track to a rewarding career are not ordinary. As tools that serve as initial contact with employers, resumes are critical in determining whether or not you will obtain an interview. Ideally, your resume should emphasize your strong points in addition to expressing your uniqueness and individuality.

Presenting yourself clearly and confidently is important. Never copy and paste your resume verbatim and make sure that whatever you write, is considered interesting enough to warrant an interview. The following resume sample for a phlebotomy technician will provide you with an idea:


Phlebotomy Technician Resume Sample


Patricia Graham

45 Wall Street ● Albany ● KY 23582 ● (999) 999-9999 ● patgraham @ email . com


SUMMARY: Analytic-thinker with 6+ years’ experience in verifying test requisitions and handling patient identification duties, prior to obtaining blood samples by performing venipunctures and using finger-sticks.

• Track record of efficiently collecting therapeutic drug monitoring assays by collaborating with designated healthcare professionals
• Hands-on experience in maintaining specimen integrity by using specified aseptic techniques
• Proven ability to monitor glucose levels by performing bedside glucose tests and interpreting results
• Proficient in maintaining quality results by following appropriate testing schedules and department procedures


• Isolation Procedures• Infection Control• Diagnostic Procedures
• Specimen Integrity• Samples Preparation• Labeling and Storing
• Patient Education• Supplies Inventory• Laboratory Analysis
• Patient Identification• Specimen Transportation• Pediatric Venipuncture

CATHOLIC HEALTH INITIATIVES, Albany, KY (6/2010 to Present)
Phlebotomy Technician
• Read and comprehend doctors’ orders for taking blood samples and ensure that patient information is verified
• Interview patients to determine if they have any allergies or fears of the needle
• Educate patients about procedures such as venipunctures and finger-sticks to set their minds at ease about what to expect
• Take blood samples by performing venipuncture and finger-stick procedures and ensure that they are properly labeled
• Ascertain that all specimens are stored properly so that their integrity is maintained
• Maintain adequate supplies of laboratory equipment and supplies
• Analyze test results and ensure that they are accurately punched into the system, along with patients’ records

Key Accomplishments
• Successfully took blood samples from a premature baby who weighed only 525lbs
• Increased specimen integrity by implementing a dedicated storage system for blood samples
• Wrote a short booklet on phlebotomy procedures from the view of a patient, to ease patients’ fears of the needle
• Trained 12 newly hired phlebotomists to follow laboratory’s procedures in specimen handling and test analysis

FAMLY HEALTH CENTERS OF ALBANY, Albany, KY (1/2009 to 5/2010)
Laboratory Intern
• Ascertained that all needed equipment and supplies are available for use by phlebotomists
• Assisted in maintaining supplies and equipment inventory and provided feedback in case anything is low in stock
• Cleaned and sanitized surfaces to ensure an infection-free environment
• Greeted patients and families and explained procedures that they might have to go through, in accordance to the doctors’ orders
• Handled data entry work such as patients’ records punching and making changes to dynamic fields


Certified Phlebotomy Technician Certification – 2010

High School Diploma