Top 11 Sales Achievements for Resume – Examples

Updated on: September 14, 2020
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An achievement-oriented resume for a sales position is powerful enough to bring your candidature on the top.

When employers go through resumes, they look for sections that hold the most solid information – and what is more solid than an achievement?

An achievement is a milestone in a person’s career so it has to be detailed appropriately on a resume.

Your achievements as a sales individual in a previous organization will hold great importance for a prospective employer.

Typically, employers imagine how you would replicate a feat in their organization so it is important to pay special attention to this area on your resume.

People working in sales at any point in the hierarchy are given specific goals. If they can meet these goals on a regular basis, they have it made!

Completion of targets is a great achievement in itself.

It shows how conscientious an employee is and how far he is willing to go to meet the objectives provided to him.

Mention of sales achievements on your resume will give you an edge over the competition as you will be highlighting your ability to “increase clientele” and “improve sales”.

It is important to quantify your achievements when you write a resume. Using numbers and percentages demonstrate an employee’s focus on results rather than on tasks, so it is recommended to use these as much as possible.


Below is a list of sales achievements that you can use on your resume:

11 Sample Achievements for Sales Resume

  1. Increased sales by $35000 in a single fiscal year by employing modern selling techniques derived from in-house sales training programs.
  2. Served 100+ customers in one shift during a sales gala and cultivated 90% of them into actual buyers.
  3. Decreased the shelf audit time by 30% by suggesting day-to-day mini audits to ensure product availability and placement.
  4. Led the Sales Galore project for three months and met set objectives by 100%.
  5. Opened 13 corporate accounts amounting to 50k in the year 2019.
  6. Won “Largest Percentage Growth Award” 5 times in 2018.
  7. Established a standardized sales reporting system that brought down discrepancies by 62%.
  8. Increased territory client base by 60% by being actively involved in marketing and sales promotions.
  9. Trained and developed a team of 52 sales representatives to be deployed in company franchises over 6 states.
  10. Improved product movement between warehouse and retail outlet, thereby decreasing the weekly movement time from 10 hours to 6 hours.
  11. Introduced online selling and trained three teams of sales personnel to handle online orders and transactions, thereby increasing the company’s profits by 42%.


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