18 Sales Executive Achievements and Accomplishments for Resume

Updated: June 18, 2023

As a sales executive, it is important to write an achievements section in your resume.

Hiring managers use accomplishment/achievement statements to gauge what you can do for them in terms of making sales, and increasing the client base.

These could include occasions when you increased sales by a certain percentage, or when you singlehandedly met sales goals.

In order to write sales executive achievement statements on your resume, you have to research what you have accomplished in the past.

Putting this information in statements is easy – all you have to do is write a statement that works on the following question:

What I have done that created a positive impact on the company?

This positive effect is what the hiring manager is looking for, especially where a sales executive position is concerned.

Some examples of sales executive achievements are provided here for you to gain ideas from:

18 Sample Achievements for Sales Executive Resume

  1. Increased sales by $40000 per month by implementing creative sales strategies.
  2. Implemented a demonstration system, which increased client interest in services and products by 50%.
  3. Established a sales team of 50 individuals for a new business, involving team-building, training, and induction.
  4. Consistently met targets by 100% between the years 2020 and 2022.
  5. Exceeded targets for 6 major sales drives, as a result, created 15 new corporate accounts.
  6. Suggested market research management strategies, increasing sales teams’ knowledge of handling outreach activities.
  7. Represented the company in 12 countries, and successfully brought in 21 new offshore accounts.
  8. Collaborated with other sales teams, hence, achieved better sales returns.
  9. Built the business from scratch, through the identification of prospects, and maintaining solid client relationships.
  10. Identified product improvements, and coordinated with research and analysis teams, thereby improving products by 25%.
  11. Established and enforced organizational structures, as a result, maintained consistent quality services.
  12. Consistently stayed current with trends and competitors and identified many improvements.
  13. Successfully built and maintained professional work relationships that increased business opportunities.
  14. Revived 50+ dormant accounts, resulting in meeting sales targets.
  15. Increased client satisfaction through the provision of excellent sales and aftersales services.
  16. Improved work efficiency by tracking and monitoring work processes.
  17. Identified important sales KPIs which helped in creating sales processes effectively.
  18. Leveled with the competition within 3 months of working on a rigorous sales campaign.

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