Sales Representative Accomplishments & Job Description

Updated: March 24, 2021

No matter how much one talks about the importance of marketing and sales staff in a company, it is never enough.

Sales representatives are at the core of every marketing and sales activity as they create that very important link between the company and the customer.

Most sales representatives are responsible for selling services and products within their individually allotted geographical location. They approach customers and solicit sales according to their training.

In some settings, sales representatives service existing accounts along with ensuring that they bring in new business as well. Business development is a huge part of their work, and they are expected to reach out to customers to meet their targets and those of the company that they are representing.

The primary job of a sales representative is to impact the sales volume by employing many sales activities. When working in a retail environment, they are expected to suggest items to customers and convince them that they do need it! It is very easy for sales representatives to look too pushy and eventually annoy a customer which is why they are trained where to draw a line.

Customer service is another essential part of a sales representative’s work as he is expected to assist the customer during each phase of buying and even after-sales.

They are supposed to provide customers with detailed information on a product, how it works, price quotes, and any discount options that can further help the sale close. Sales representatives need to be excellent communicators as they are required to be in constant contact with customers and need to be able to put forward a product’s features in front of them to facilitate a sale.

They should be able to analyze situations appropriately and manage any conflict that may occur due to a problem with the product, the service, or the general attitude of the customer.

Accomplishments and Achievements for Sales Representative Resume

• Developed strategic and operational sales plans which resulted in a 40% increase in overall sales and gross margin

• Maintained productive working relationship with customers – amplified customer base by 50%

• Identified target markets and established successful plans to develop them – bring $200,000 of additional revenue

• Expanded additional sales by 20% through innovative selling techniques

• Collaborated with internal and external stakeholders to get hold of technical and customer information – adequately competed for existing business and new accounts

Sales Representative Duties for Resume

• Provide direct customer services by informing them of products and services

• Ensure that customers are directed to the appropriate aisle

• Identify sales opportunities and follow up on existing accounts for business development

• Create and execute appropriate strategic plans to bring in more business

• Research sources to develop new business connections

• Make cold calls to prospective clients and inform them about new products and deals

• Conduct market research to identify trends and manage sales activities accordingly

• Meet individual and company sales targets

• Promote new products to walk-in customers and record orders

• Handle and resolve customers’ complaints

• Explain products’ value and capabilities to customers

• Process payments regarding cash, checks, and credit cards

• Verify the validity of paper money and credit cards

• Tally cash with receipts at the end of the shift

• Maintain stocks and inventory

• Stock shelves with appropriate products

• Ensure correct price tagging