Industrial Sales Representative Job Description for Resume

Updated on: February 8, 2019

An industrial sales representative’s work involves contacting businesses in order to provide them with information on offered products and services.

The work is complicated in the sense that one has to meet sales targets pertaining to products and services that generally involve large amounts of money.

Typically, a high school diploma or a GED equivalent is sufficient to work as an industrial sales representative. However, a degree in sales will go a long way to make you a good contender to work at this position.

Excellent sales skills are needed to do justice to the job. The ability to convince business heads that they need your products is required.

Also, you need to tell the hiring manager that your sales prowess is exceptional so that you can be considered.

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Working as an industrial sales representative requires one to know the sales business completely.

Pitching to clients, and performing follow-up is all very important.

If working as an industrial sales representative is on the cards for you, you must look through the following list of duties particular to an industrial sales representative resume:

Industrial Sales Representative Job Description for Resume

• Check prospects lists in order to determine types of business customers to contact.

• Research business backgrounds to decipher possible requirements for offered services and products.

• Make lists of possible prospects.

• Perform cold calling tasks in order to reach out to prospective customers.

• Provide details such as product features and benefits, and services information.

• Schedule meetings with prospective customers in order to provide them with product and service information.

• Preform follow-up to confirm meeting times.

• Meet clients and demonstrate product features.

• Respond to questions regarding specifics of each demonstrated product.

• Attempt to convince customers to check or try offered products.

• Acquire information on competitive products already being used by customers.

• Offer information such as comparisons between own and competitive products.

• Assist business clients in filling out sales contracts.

• Close deals and acquire payments.

• Provide clients with information on product delivery timelines.

• Make arrangements to ensure delivery of products in a quick manner.

• Contact customers in order to inquire into additional services required.

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• Ensure that any issues or problems at the clients’ side are properly handled.

• Perform follow-up in order to ensure that the product is functioning properly.

• Handle existing customer accounts by keeping tabs on their purchases, and further requirements.

• Create and maintain records of clients in a predefined manner.

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