Route Sales Representative Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: August 26, 2019


Exuding sincerity, offering specific value and making your Route Sales Representative cover letter employer-oriented is the best way of getting across to a prospective employer.

By doing that, you will have no problems in writing a rocking cover letter for a route sales representative position.


Making a personal connection is what a Route Sales Representative cover letter is all about – becoming a tease is what will bring about an employer’s interest in you.

Provide just enough information for the employer to be intrigued enough to want to meet you in person. If you can mesmerize the interviewer, you have won most of the battle.

But be careful – even though you are applying for a route sales representative position, you do not want to come across as too sales-driven when asking for an interview.

However, asking for an interview is exactly what the purpose of your cover letter is so you have to hint at it at the end of your cover letter. Your cover letter for a route sales representative position should look something like this:


Route Sales Representative Cover Letter Sample


August 26, 2019

Mr. Daniel Sutcliff
Manager of Human Resources
Maurer’s Textiles
7365 Maple Avenue
Renton, WA 72936


Dear Mr. Sutcliff:

Developing innovative strategies that blow off the lid of a company’s sales and increase its market share is my expertise. My background in the route sales representative role has allowed me to take on and accomplish sales targets constantly over the previous 5 years. I would like to bring this expertise to Maurer’s Textiles for which I offer my services as a Route Sales Representative.

I am savvy in the sales world – my retail industry experience has turned me into the relationship between sales and marketing and customer demands. These areas are evidenced in my resume but let me bring your attention to some of my notable accomplishments:

• Resurrected 27 dormant accounts by applying aggressive suggestive selling skills
• Increased sales by 45% in 3 months following extensive sales and marketing efforts
• Developed and implemented daily performance reporting techniques that led to 25% increase in follow up efficiency

Achieving sales and marketing success in today’s competitive world requires more than just sales acumen. Increasing revenue growth through route sales efforts is a complex process – a process I am well-trained to carry out.

With the focus of seeking a position with long term growth and advancement, I welcome the opportunity to discuss with you how I can make a sizeable contribution to your organization. I will contact your office at the end of the week to secure an interview time which is convenient for you. I can be reached at (444) 444-4444 if you would like to speak with me in the interim.


Sincere regards,


Remington Steele