Sales profession is highly competitive worldwide. To be a flourishing Sales Executive, you will require a strong dedication, enthusiasm and a thorough familiarity with the products of the company. In addition, you must be able to define target markets and make sales strategies accordingly.

To write a job winning cover letter for a sales executive, candidates need to incorporate related skills and expertise in their letter to grab the attention of the reader.

The following cover letter sample for Sales Executive Resume will provide you with an opportunity to write an effective cover letter.



Sales Executive Cover Letter Example


Gregory Peck

214 Clinton Avenue, Trenton, NJ 66636
(002) 444-4444, gregory @ email . com

May 12, 2014

Ms. Amanda Hark
Senior Manager (Sales)
City Store
9078 Marine Avenue
Trenton, NJ 66653


Dear Ms. Hark:

Your advertisement for a Sales Executive position at City Store demonstrates that you are looking for someone with excellent customer orientation and the ability to meet the company’s sales targets in tight deadlines. As a proactive and mission oriented individual with 2+ years of sales experience and a solid understanding of modern business concepts, I am positive that I could meet and exceed your sales targets in timely fashion.

Having worked extensively in sales profession, I have had the opportunity to work closely with the senior managers to figure out sales strategies and work to achieve them. During my work at ABC Company, I have had the opportunity to increase sales by 35% during the first year!

As required, I am extremely skilled in:

✔ Conducting cold calls and creating professional networking
✔ Developing pipeline of new opportunities
✔ Identifying and creating business requirements with senior decision makers
✔ Building strong relationships at all stakeholders
✔ Developing successful territory plans

Moreover, I possess exceptional presentation skills which would help me to communicate effectively with potential customers. With the ability to deal with multicultural population in local and international markets, I would be able to become an excellent representative of your sales team.

The enclosed resume speaks volumes about my ability to do this job efficiently. Because of my great passion, I’d like to meet with you in order to discuss this position thoroughly for which I’ll call your office next week to set-up an appointment. In the intervening time, I can be reached at (002) 444-4444.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Kind regards,

Gregory Peck

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