Sales Clerk Job Description and Duties for Resume

Updated on: June 29, 2022

Retail environments are favorite employment places for sales clerks who are often also known as cashiers or sales workers.

While the term “cashier” puts them in a box that indicates that they can do nothing but handle payments, this is not how it is.

Sales Clerk Job Description in General

Sales clerks have a multifaceted job across many aspects of a sales environment.

Having said that, these professionals do not only operate the cash register but also let us now look at what they do apart from handling payments.

They handle stocking duties along with assisting customers in making product purchase decisions and also perform some housekeeping duties to ensure that the store is clean and presentable looking.

Basically, a sales clerk is the end-all and be-all of a retail environment. S/he does all that there is to do in such an environment to ensure that the store keeps running smoothly and that customers are satisfied.

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To write an effective resume/cover letter for a sales clerk position, refer to the job duties list below:

Sample Job Description for Sales Clerk Resume

• Greet customers and engage them in conversation to determine their purchase needs.

• Assist customers in finding their choice of products and providing them with information on features, benefits, pricing, and options.

• Exercise suggestive selling techniques in a bid to sell add-on products.

• Demonstrate appropriate use of products and provide customers with information on proper use, care, and warranty coverage.

• Close sales transactions in an efficient manner and thank customers for their patronage.

• Ensure that products are packed and appropriately sealed before delivering them to the warrantee counters.

• Make sure that warranty cards are filled out correctly and handed to customers immediately.

• Expedite the purchase process by operating cash machines – take payments in exchange for sold products.

• Ensure that products are delivered to customers’ cars or their homes according to specific instructions provided.

• Make sure that all product assigned areas are fully stocked and that shelves are cleaned and arranged correctly.

• Assist in handling store displays in a bid to provide customers with a beautiful view of the store.

• Perform cash register transactions such as taking cash and processing credit cards and checks.

• Make sure that the cash register is balanced at the end of each shift and report discrepancies that may transpire.

• Ensure that there is sufficient change at the beginning of each shift to smooth out the payment procedure.

Skills & Abilities

To work as a sales clerk, one has to possess some knowledge of the retail world. Once you know how it works, you can perform your duties quite effortlessly.

Since the retail world thrives on providing good customer services, it is important for sales clerks to understand the value of this.

They are the first and often the last point of contact with customers so it is imperative that they understand how vital it is for customers to be satisfied.


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