Bakery / deli clerks perform many jobs in a bakery or a deli which include baking, preparing food, packaging, pricing and merchandizing baked or deli goods. The minimum education requirement for this position is a high school diploma since there isn’t a lot of technical work involved. However, bakery / deli clerks are required to have knowledge of operating ovens and stoves since they use them quite a lot during their work day.

In many environments, bakery deli clerks are required to inform customers of newly baked or prepared products and offer samples for them to taste. As advocates of a deli’s or bakery’s service, they are required to provide customers with information on products and ingredients. Since they perform tier one services, they are trained to be courteous and highly responsive to customers’ requests. Knowledge of the food service industry and food items particular to delis and bakeries can go a long way in helping you bag this job.

Sample Job Description for Bakery Deli Clerk Resume

• Greet customers as they arrive and provide them information on daily specials
• Provide customers with pricing information on deli and bakery products
• Prepare food items in accordance to preset recipes
• Package bakery and deli items and ensure appropriate rotating
• Assist bakers in baking cakes and decorating pastries
• Put prepared goods in the oven and remove them after the designated time
• Ensure that bakery items are delivered to outlets in a timely manner
• Deliver bread and other baked or deli products when requested
• Prepare and price products and display them properly
• Maintain equipment such as ovens and refrigerators on a periodic basis
• Operate equipment and tools as trained
• Keep and clean and orderly work space
• Wrap, bag and box products in accordance to customers’ instructions
• Operate cash register to ring sales
• Take customers’ orders and ensure that they are completed in a time efficient manner
• Label and stock bakery and deli merchandise
• Order out of stock products by contacting suppliers
• Ensure price and tag accuracy
• Manage pre-inventory preparation duties
• Receive, inspect and log received products and ensure accuracy of received orders from suppliers
• Discard expired stock and ensure it is replaced with fresh stock
• Clean shelves, counters, floors and storage areas