Retail Stock Clerk Job Description Sample

Updated on: July 24, 2019

Position Overview

Working primarily behind the scenes, retail stock clerks are responsible for inventory control within a retail environment.

They receive stock, check it for order accuracy and unpack items so that they can eventually be displayed in shelves for customers to buy.

Retail sales clerks may have some minimal contact with customers during displaying and stock checking activities.

During this time, they are required to assist customers in choosing or locating products and providing them with product information.

Retail stock clerks must be detail-oriented individuals as they need to be able to accurately compare merchandise invoices to the items that they actually receive, to ensure accuracy.

They take inventory of existing stock, determine what item is running out and make lists for the procurement officers to look into.

Some companies may ask a retail stock clerk to perform the duties of a regular retail clerk in which case, they handle all front-end duties, including product promotion and deal closing.

Positon Requirements

To work at the position of a retail stock clerk, it is not really important to possess more than a high school degree.

Some prior knowledge of sales in the retail world, including the 4 Ps of marketing, which is the essence of their work is important.

Essentially, retail stock clerks are trained in handling their work according to basic sales and marketing principals.

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Retail Stock Clerk Job Description, Duties and Responsibilities

• Compare invoices of received merchandise to items received and ensure that they correlate

• Look through available stock and determine the need for goods and make lists for the procurement team

• Contact procurement officers and discuss the logistics of obtaining needed items

• Explain to procurement officers where items were used by discussing sales and wastage reports

• Examine received merchandise to ensure that there is no damage evident and report any damages to the company

• Separate different types of items and place them on dollies or hand trucks to transport them from the warehouse to the outlet

• Stock shelves, cases, and racks with merchandise by ensuring that the 4 Ps of marketing are followed

• Arrange items in a manner, conducive to company policies and practices

• Clean shelves, display cases and items and ensure that items are replenished on shelves as soon as they are sold

• Assist customers by answering their questions regarding prices and features of items

• Demonstrate product features and provide customers with information on special discounts and offers

• Put up store displays and operate cash registers to ring sales

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