Retail Sales Clerk Job Description for Resume

Updated on: March 8, 2021

Retail chains usually hire many people in specific positions to ensure that the workflow remains smooth. This is usually an entry-level position, but experienced people obtain additional compensation.

Retail Sales Clerk Job Description

Retail Sales Clerks are responsible for handling a wide variety of jobs in a store. From greeting customers to closing sales, they are required to do everything.

Retail Sales Clerk Eligibility Criteria

It is essential for candidates applying for a retail sales clerk position to be knowledgeable about the importance of customer services and how the retail world works.

Although there are no formal education requirements to work as a retail sales clerk, employers prefer to hire individuals with a high school diploma or G.E.D.

Retails sales clerks often have to perform cashiering work, which is why they must possess some basic knowledge of cash machines and bookkeeping.


Retail Sales Clerk Job Duties for Resume

  • Greet customers and ask them how they may be helped
  • Provide customers with information on products that they are looking for and where to find them
  • Escort customers to aisles or shelves of their choice of products
  • Assist customers in reaching items (especially those out of range)
  • Demonstrate product features and provide customers with information on an article that may be used or run
  • Answer customers’ questions regarding products
  • Assist customers in physically purchasing items by providing them with pricing information and ringing up sales
  • Process cash and credit transactions and offer change
  • Coordinate with the delivery department to make sure that items ate packed and delivered on time and in a safe manner
  • Assist customers in replacing or returning merchandise
  • Cater to customers’ complaints and relay any severe complaints to the store manager
  • Appropriately performed stocking activities
  • Disposed of any expired products as per company policy
  • Ensure that all shelves are cleaned and tidied up on a constant basis
  • Refold items such as clothes and make sure that they are displayed properly
  • Make sure that the store is clean and safe for customers
  • Provide customers with information on special deals and discounts
  • Place price tags on items and prepare an inventory of stock
  • Immediately order any out of stock merchandise
  • Balance cash machines at the end of each shift and manage any discrepancies immediately