Retail Clerk Job Description Sample

Updated on: March 30, 2018

The retail industry employs many people to help it run smoothly. The position of retail clerks is one such important position that requires an individual to be absolutely customer focused.

People working as retail clerks are usually tier-one employees who greet customers and assist them throughout the purchase process. In some settings, retail clerks are also known as retail cashiers even though their work does not only include working at the cash register.

Primary Purpose of Job

Retail clerks greet customers and professionally assist them in determining and meeting their shopping needs. They engage customers in conversation to identify what they are looking for and guide them to the appropriate shelf or aisle or introduce them to a customer service representative. They also operate cash registers and adding machines to ring sales and accept payments.


People who want to work as a retail clerk need to possess at least a high school diploma or GED. They should also be able to perform necessary mathematical calculations. Considerable attention to detail is also a prerequisite for this job. Employers prefer hiring retail clerks who have excellent references from previous positions as this is a sensitive position that involves cash handling. People with prior cash handling experience usually have a better chance of obtaining this position.

Following is a comprehensive list of general duties of a store clerk. However, the employer may assign responsibilities to individual employees depending on the nature of the company.

Retail Clerk Job Description Sample

• Welcome customers warmly as they arrive
• Provide information to customers on the telephone
• Engage customers in meaningful conversation to determine their shopping needs
• Accompany customers to the right aisle or shelf
• Provide information regarding products and prices
• Process POS transactions
• Educate customers on policies and procedures of the store
• Manage product returns and exchanges
• Ensure expired or near expiry items are cleared off shelves
• Bring recurring business by providing a positive shopping experience
• Handle irate customers and resolve disputes and complaints
• Maintain cleanliness and tidiness of retail areas
• Uphold product inventory levels on a constant basis
• Rotate stock at regular intervals
• Accept cash payment in exchange for products sold
• Process credit card and check payments
• Assist in merchandising activities
• Balance cash register with receipts at the end of each shift
• Perform light bookkeeping activities
• Perform price tagging activities
• Verify prices of sales items
• Manage incoming shipments
• Perform cleaning and housekeeping tasks