Sales Assistant Job Description for Resume and CV

Updated on: March 4, 2021

The retail world requires the services of many professionals in a hierarchy to help it run properly. There are customers to deal with, merchandise to handle, and a whole lot of other duties that need to be performed by someone or another.

Sales associates or sales assistants are hired specifically to provide support to a sales manager in making the functions of a retail environment smooth.

They also provide assistance to customers and handle other tasks such as stocking shelves and managing inventory.

Sales Assistant Job Scope

The basic idea of working as sales assistants is to sell the store’s products. Their work begins as soon as they see a customer entering the store and extends well beyond the close of a sale.

As a sales assistant, you will need to possess a pleasant personality and exude helpfulness.

You will help customers at every stage of their shopping which may include providing them with advice on different products and also demonstrating the features of the product that they are interested in.

You will also be required to manage suggestive selling techniques so that you can meet your sales quote effectively.

People who start their career out as sales assistants usually aspire to work as sales managers eventually.

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In larger retail environments, sales assistants have a long way to go up in the sales hierarchy. Some other duties that are particular to this position include:

Sample Job Description for Sales Assistant CV

  • Greet customers as they enter the establishment and ask them if they would like assistance in locating their product of choice
  • Provide advice to customers on different brands and inform them of price information
  • Accompany customers to different aisles and offer assistance at every step
  • Stock items on shelves in accordance with the instructions provided by the sales manager
  • Ensure that all shelves and items are dusted and cleaned properly
  • Make sure that all products are stacked according to the four Ps of marketing
  • Price items and ensure that any outdated price tags are removed immediately
  • Participate in stock-taking activities and arrange for the repair or replacement of damaged goods
  • Provide customers with information on current promotions and sales
  • Demonstrate product features and assist customers in testing products
  • Run customers through the payment procedure
  • Pack or wrap bought items and ensure that any deliveries are made in a time-efficient manner
  • Provide after-sales services by contacting customers during the warranty period
  • Address customers’ complaints and concerns
  • Assist cashiers in handling replacements and returns

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