Retail Sales Trainee Job Description and Duties

Updated on: March 24, 2021
Retail Sales Trainee Job Description

To completely understand the work of a salesperson, one needs to climb up the ladder from a trainee’s position.

The retail world poses many challenges. In order to overcome them, one needs to be trained properly.

As a retail sales trainee, you will be involved in a lot of sales tasks in addition to learning what the retail trade is all about.

Retail sales trainees are initially trained in providing customers with information regarding an item or an array of products.

Once they get familiarity with all this, they are asked to take up positions as sales representatives (in a trainee role initially).

They perform many of the tasks that a retail salesperson or representative performs under a seasoned sales manager’s supervision.

Retail sales trainees are given a crash course in company policies and are expected to abide by them while servicing customers.

Like all other representatives of a sales team, retail sales trainees are required to be pleasant and possess excellent communication skills.

The following list of job duties will give you a further idea of what a retail sales trainee does on a typical workday.

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Retail Sales Trainee Duties, Tasks, and Responsibilities

• Bring new business for the company by visiting or calling potential clients

• Maintain and cultivate meaningful professional relationships with existing customers

• Greet and assist customers as they arrive at the establishment

• Provide clients with information on products of choice and demonstrate features

• Check quantities of items on shelves and ensure that shelves are stocked properly

• Ensure cleanliness and tidiness of shelves and other displays

• Assist customers in making purchase decisions and make sure that payment procedures are expedited

• Provide customers with information regarding after-sales services and warranties

• Inform customers of product promotions on the sales floor to boost sales

• Research the market for changing retail trends and provide feedback to the sales manager

• Act as a representative of the company at trade shows and exhibitions

• Indulge in sales training activities

• Resolve customers’ complaints by forwarding issues to superiors

• Perform self-reviews to gauge if targets have been met

• Negotiate the price with customers and vendors

• Enter data and customer information into company software

• Ensure that every sales initiative is taken keeping the best retail sales practices in mind

• Communicate with vendors to ensure that products are delivered on time and stored immediately

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