Assistant Store Manager Job Description for Resume

Updated on October 9, 2014

Managing a store is quite a challenging job. A manager needs to be the first person to arrive and the last to leave since s/he needs to supervise all things. Store managers are usually hired to work at this extremely challenging position and to provide them with support, assistant store managers are hired. Assistant store managers work in retail environments primarily where their main duty is to work as the store manager’s right hand.

Assistant store managers are in constant contact with customers and staff and they have to create a strong bridge between them. They need to make sure that the store is properly staffed and that customers are catered to efficiently. On a typical work day, these professionals help senior managers in creating schedules for staff members and ensuring that each staff member adheres to his schedule. They also make sure that merchandize is procured and delivered on time and that customers leave the store happy. They also ensure that store displays are put up and maintained properly as marketing is an important part of their job.

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Assistant Store Manager Job Description for Resume

• Open store at the beginning of each day
• Create and hand out staff schedules and ensure that any employee rotation needs are met
• Greet customers and ensure that they are handed over to designated staff member
• Assist store manager in interviewing, screening, hiring and training store staff
• Provide orientation to new employees and hand out job descriptions and scope of work
• Study trends to identify customer requirements and ensure that these requirements are met as much as possible
• Assist store manager in formulating store polices and ensure that each store product’s price is competitive
• Direct the activities of store staff to ensure that exceptional customer services is provided
• Ensure that price tags and expiry labels on each store item is legible
• Make sure that shelves are stocked and cleaned on a constant basis
• Assist customers in choosing products and provide them with demonstrations
• Explain after sales services to customers and assist them by ringing their purchases
• Make follow up calls to customers to determine satisfaction and to provide them with after sales services
• Take and resolve customers’ complaints in a proactive manner
• Provide customers with detailed information on their choice of items and arrange for out of stock items to be delivered to the store on immediate basis
• Provide store staff with sales goals and assist them in reaching those goals