Retail Sales Assistant Job Description for Resume

Updated on: June 9, 2024

Retail sales assistants are the first point of contact for customers in a retail store.

They greet customers and assist them through the entire purchasing procedure – from locating a product to processing payments.

They play a vital role in a retail store as they are responsible for ensuring that a store’s sales stay on par.

Most retail companies expect that the retail sales assistants have the mettle to reach daily sales goals.

Retail sales assistants strive hard to achieve these goals; this is usually the driving force behind their work.

What do these people do?

You can find out in detail by reading the list of job duties given below. These statements will help you build a great resume.


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Retail Sales Assistant Job Duties and Responsibilities

• Act as the first point of contact by welcoming customers into the retail store.

• Engage customers in short dialogue to determine their purchasing needs.

• Escort and direct customers to the correct aisle or shelf that holds their choice of products.

• Provide customers with product information and demonstrate product features.

• Answer customers’ questions about product features.

• Provide customers with pricing information and any special discounts or promotions that the store is offering.

• Attach price tags to each item and make sure that they reflect updated price information.

• Guide customers to assist them in making purchasing decisions.

• Provide customers with warranty and after-sales services.

• Adequately stock and clean shelves.

• Ensure the overall cleanliness and maintenance of the store.

• Guide customers through the payment procedure by taking cash or processing credit cards in exchange for sold items.

• Handle refunds and exchanges and associated paperwork.

• Balance cash registers at the end of the shift, and make sure that there is sufficient change available for the next turn.

• Order merchandise and make sure that newly received items are placed on shelves appropriately.

• Arrange store and window displays for products on promotion.

• Communicate any discrepancies to the supervisor or manager immediately.

• Take and resolve customer complaints and relay complicated ones to the supervisor.

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