Coming up with an impressive cover letter for a law clerk position can be an overwhelming task – it becomes even more so when the candidate has no experience in hand. If you are facing such a situation, then fear not, because we are here to assist you.


A cover letter for entry level law clerk position essentially consists of three paragraphs. Each one of these needs to be unique and employer focused in order to win you an interview. Begin the letter in a sublime manner. Reserve the main body to convince the potential employer that you possess the skills needed for the position. Craft the last paragraph smartly, mention that you intend to follow up and create an action call. Thank the employer in anticipation at the end.


Entry Level Law Clerk Cover Letter Sample – No Experience


Gina Davison

830 Unicorn Lane, Naples, FL 54339
Cellular: (006) 444-6666 | Home: (005) 333-6666
gina @ email . com

February 14, 2014

Mr. Christopher Gilbert
Robert & Harp Legal
67 Hershey’s Sq
Naples, FL 54339


Dear Mr. Gilbert:

Your advertisement for the law clerk position sounds challenging and interesting. My degree in law coupled with my genuine passion render me an excellent candidate for this position at your law firm.

As you can also see from my resume, my profile is an exact fit for the positional demands stated by you. Some of my core competencies include:

✔ Matchless skills in legal research; retrieving and organizing all information needed to support legal decision making.

✔ Trained in state issues legal policies and possess knowledge regarding law specific clauses of the constitution.

✔ Demonstrated ability to attend and observe court proceedings.

✔ Working knowledge of pre-requisites of a complete case file.

✔ Highly skilled in conducting effective preliminary case investigations.

Being a dedicated law clerk and a fast learner, I am confident that my competencies and enthusiasm would help me contributing to your firm. I would appreciate the opportunity to meet and discuss this in detail. Should you need any information, I am available at (006) 444-6666. I look forward to hearing from you very soon.

Thank you.



Gina Davison

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