Top 4 Sales Advisor Interview Questions and Answers

Updated on: November 13, 2022

An interview for a Sales Advisor position is a learning process whether you succeed or not.

Even an unsuccessful interview teaches us many things – specifically, what to do and what not to do the next time! 

Technically, an interview for a sales advisor position is two-way communication. It is a chance to prove your excellent communication skills in an interview.

How to get success in a sales advisor interview?

  1. Prepare as much as possible by viewing some possible questions and their appropriate answers.
  2. Dress formally because it is a sales position.
  3. Read your sales advisor’s resume before appearing in an interview.

For specific questions that you will be asked at an interview, here is a set that you can go through:

4 Common Questions and Answers for Sales Advisor Interview 

1. Where do the duties of sales advisors and sales representatives overlap?

The target of both sales advisors and sales representatives is the same and that is to meet sales targets. However, how they approach customers is different. The overlapping is perhaps at the stage where both of them are required to close sales, by providing customers with detailed information on the products that they are interested in.

2. As a sales advisor, what has been your most significant achievement?

6 months after my joining H&M, there was s notable change in the company’s sales (56% to be exact), which was a direct result of my endeavors to interest both existing and new customers in the company’s failing product range. I believe this was the biggest achievement I have to my name as yet.

3. How do you make sure that you meet your targets on time?

I do not just meet my own targets – I also strive to meet the company’s overall targets. And this becomes somewhat easy when I align the two and work toward them in a focused manner.

4. Imagine that a customer is dissatisfied with the product or service that he received, one that you advised would work well. How would you make sure that he does not look elsewhere for a similar product or service?

Maintaining customer loyalty is foremost for any sales advisor. If such a situation arises, I will do whatever is in my power to provide him with a solution to retain his business. This may include a free replacement, added benefits, or a complete refund, depending on what the company policies allow me to do.