Sales Advisor Cover Letter Sample and Guidance

Updated on: July 24, 2020

The importance of a sales advisor cover letter has been increasing considerably in recent years. That said, job applications are incomplete without a cover letter.

The purpose of writing a sales advisor cover letter is far beyond just impressing the reader so that he can grant you an interview. What you write in a cover letter must leave a long-lasting impression on the person who is responsible for hiring you.

Your communication skills are checked and recorded when a hiring manager goes through your cover letter. And since communication skills are probably the basis of the sales advisor job.

The following is a sample sales advisor cover letter that shows both his sales prowess and ability to communicate effectively through a cover letter.

Sample Cover Letter for Sales Advisor

325 7th Street South # 33
Ocean City, MD 20145

July 24, 2020

Mr. Gregory Miliband
Hiring Manager
Bulgari Corporation of America
45 Bell Avenue
Ocean City, MD 55696

Dear Mr. Miliband:

I am interested in bringing the benefit of my expertise as a sales advisor to Bulgari Corporation of America.

Three months after I joined H&M as a Sales Advisor, the store saw a 20% increase in their sales. That was largely due to my proactivity in perusing and persuading prospects to build a strong customer base through executing sales advisory processes. Developing effective relationships with both existing and new customers is something that comes naturally to me, resulting in increased sales opportunities and improved customer ties.

Besides providing exceptional customer service, my communication skills are mostly aimed at interacting with management about opportunities to develop community relationships and to explore potential events to increase brand awareness and customer loyalty. As a professional and approachable individual, I strive for perfection by ensuring a customer service-oriented environment. Ascertaining positive shopping experiences for new and existing customers is my niche.

I will follow up on this letter with a phone call next week, preferably to arrange an interview. In the interim, you may contact me at (000) 333 – 3333, should you need additional information.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Olivia Wilson