6 Beauty Advisor Interview Questions and Answers

Updated on: April 8, 2022

Interview questions for the beauty advisor position are designed to keep you on your feet. And to gauge how well you perform in a difficult situation.

When an interview questionnaire is designed, determining the kind of personality a candidate possesses is of great importance.

So at least half of the interview process is focused on finding out what makes you tick.

Make it easy for the employer to judge you so that you can be his or her next favorite.

The following set of interview questions and answers can be looked at for reference:

Beauty Advisor Interview Questions and Answers

1. What has been your experience as a beauty advisor been like in the past?

Assessing clients’ skin and hair types and offering skin and hair care advice has been my basic duty in this role. In addition to this, I have been selling retail makeup and hair care products to clients, by providing them with information on the company’s products and product lines.

2. Which product do you feel is the most popular? And how did it gain this popularity?

As far as Jenkins Makeup is concerned (my present place of work), their Flawless Foundation has gained the most popularity over the years. This is because it really is as flawless as it promises.

3. If we ask you what our most popular product is, what would you say?

I would place my bet on the new jelly lipsticks that your company has come out with. It is a novel concept with a great market out there.

4. How do you know so much about all this?

A major part of my work as a beauty advisor is to research what the competition is doing. This is why I am always on top of things and can accurately make comparisons with competitive brands. It is all part of the game.

5. What advice would you give to someone who has had oily skin problems all her / his life?

If we talk about products, I would advise a special serum that I know works really well on oily skin. If it is just advice, I would tell them of my own secret concoction that can be used for oily skin.

6. What type of skills do you think one requires to work as a beauty advisor?

There are two sides to a beauty advisor’s work – dealing with clients and handling sales work. As far as client dealing is concerned, it is important to be pleasant, patient, and communicative. One also needs to possess exceptional skills in providing product demonstrations. Where sales work is concerned, it is imperative to be deadline-oriented, and possess the ability to meet sales goals – rather, exceed them!