Veterinary Technician Resume Sample

Updated on: November 13, 2022

How does one write a vet tech resume that attracts a hiring manager?

Something that will make him decide to hire the candidate on the spot. This is a question that people ask themselves most often. And it is seemingly difficult to answer as well.

The answer may not be obvious but it is quite simple. The demand-supply rule makes sense here. You give the hiring manager what he wants. Write a resume in accordance with the job description provided by the employer.

Here is how you can create a resume that a hiring manager will be happy to see:

Veterinary Technician Resume Sample

Gregory Bates
7 Old Turnpike Road
Plantsville, CT 46321
(000) 999-1210
greg.bates @ email . com


Determined Veterinary Technician with a wide array of experiences in caring for and the welfare of pets and laboratory animals. Well-versed in handling animals in a safe manner to facilitate examination and medicine administering. Ability to restrain animals such as cats, dogs, horses, and birds, by ensuring their wellbeing. A meticulous individual who can effectively draw blood and handle necropsy procedures in an accurate manner. Recognized for setting up and running lab tests according to specifications and providing assistance during surgical procedures by following established policies and protocols.

• Examination/Assessment • Medicine Administration
• Vital Signs Monitoring • Kennel Support
• Scheduling • Records-keeping
• Observations Recording • Lab Equipment Operations
• Animal Behavior Support • Wound Treatment
• Surgical Support • Restraining

• Successfully manage to restrain and calm down a pet horse, who was agitated because he had once been handled badly by a previous vet.
• Save 5 cats’ lives at the same time, by recognizing the signs of stomach flu in one of them, treating her immediately, and placing the other 4 in quarantine.
• Implemented a more organized system to record case histories, weights, and temperatures of animals, resulting in 100% accuracy of records.
• Aided a veterinary doctor in performing a 12-hour surgery on a dog who had been a victim of a hit and run, saving his life, even though there was a low chance of survival.


Veterinary Technician
IDEXX Animal Hospital, Plantsville, CT
5/2018 – Present
• Perform assessments on pet patients to determine causes of complaints
• Restrain animals during examination procedures carried out by veterinary doctors
• Assist in performing laboratory tests including urinalysis and blood counts
• Take and process x-rays and assist veterinary doctors in performing dental procedures
• Prepare animals for surgeries by calming them down and sterilizing operable areas

Veterinary Technician
Some Vet Clinic, Plantsville, CT
9/2013 – 5/2017
• Assisted in euthanizing terminally ill animals by following humane procedures, under the direction of a vet
• Asked pet owners probing questions to determine their pets’ problems and ensured that all information is recorded properly
• Provided basic education to pet owners in a bid to help them understand and carry out home care
• Recommended products and exercises for optimal pet wellness, including supplements, flea control procedures, and dietary measures

Vet Assistant
Pets and Vets, Plantsville, CT
2/2010 – 9/2013
• Greeted pets and pet owners and inquired about their purpose for visiting the veterinary facility
• Assisted in restraining and calming down pets so that they could be easily examined
• Handled scheduling and follow-up duties over the telephone and in person
• Ascertained that all supplies and equipment needed for examination and procedures such as surgeries and medicine administration were readily available
• Created and maintained records of pets and their owners, including demographic information and case histories

Associate of Science in Veterinary Technology
Plantsville Veterinary College, Plantsville, CT – 2004