Lancome Beauty Advisor Interview Questions and Answers

Updated: June 27, 2016

Do interviews scare you? Is it because you are generally uncomfortable being put in a spot? Or because you are scared of the prospect of not being able to answer a question? Both these situations are in your own hands. Remember that you are the master of your own fate, so if something scares you, you need to face it and move on!

Generally, interviews are harrowing times for even the most confident of us. No one likes being put in a spot. And that is exactly what interviews do. But think of it from the interviewer’s point of view – if he doesn’t put you in a situation, how do you expect him to know how well you can handle things? So yes, it is you who has to be prepared for what interviews have to offer to you.

The first rule of any interview is to go in prepared. Half of your jitters will miraculously disappear when you are confident in your job knowledge. The other half can be taken care of by dressing well, arriving early and having a positive attitude. When you can check all of these, you may move on to the following set of interview questions and answers for a Lancome beauty advisor position:

Lancome Beauty Advisor Interview Questions and Answers

What makes you “believe” in working as a Lancome beauty advisor?
Helping others find their inner beauty is perhaps the best motivation to work as a beauty advisor at Lancome.

What do you know about Lancome?
Lancome is an offshoot of the L’Oreal Luxury products division and distributes French luxury products and cosmetics internationally. The company was founded by Armand Petitjean in 1935 and has since, led the cosmetics market in many countries over the world, especially USA.

As a beauty advisor at Lancome, what do you think your work will be?
Beauty advisors are Lancome are required to assess clients’ requirements for beauty products and provide them with consultations. They ask open-ended questions to determine clients’ specific needs and provide honest and confident feedback regarding available Lancome products. Building lasting relationships with clients is imperative in this role so that repeat business opportunities can be availed.

What skills are required particularly to work as a Lancome beauty advisor?
Knowledge of the beauty ranges that are sold by Lancome, strong aptitude in selling techniques, ability to provide honest feedback to clients and capability of taking initiative when presenting and selling Lancome merchandise are important prerequisites for this position.