Sales Administrative Assistant Job Description for Resume

Updated on: August 12, 2021

Position Overview

Sales administrative assistants provide administrative, clerical, and logistical support to the sales staff, across many different industries.

In some companies, they may even be asked to perform direct sales duties but that actually depends on different situations and the specific abilities of the individual to handle them.

In many organizations, sales administrative assistants sit at the heart of the sales team, working hard to develop consistent messaging and support.

Before you create your resume to apply for a sales administrative assistant position, take a look at the following list of duties that these people are required to perform on any given workday:

Sales Administrative Assistant Job Description

Job Description for Sales Administrative Assistant Resume

• Generate sales leads through telephone and email contact and direct them to appropriate sales team members
• Respond to inquiries regarding the company’s services and products according to company policy and protocol
• Take orders over the telephone and in-person and punch them into the sales system/database
• Provide customers with information on the statuses of their orders and inquire into their preferred methods of payment
• Assist sales teams in achieving sales outcomes and goals by providing logistical and administrative support
• Provide support in carrying out dedicated sales activities and promotions to help meet sales targets
• Organize and make arrangements for sales meetings, conferences, and seminars
• Create and maintain a clear channel/liaison between sales and production departments
• Develop correspondence for both in-house and customer communication purposes
• Receive, sort, and distribute incoming mail to intended recipients
• Create and maintain accurate records of customers and ensure that all records are backed up on a regular basis
• Assist administrators in preparing and distributing schedules for staff members

Educational Requirements

Typically, working as a sales administrative assistant will require you to possess a high school diploma or a GED.


Since there is a lot of typing and data entry work involved in this position, your candidature will become stronger if you have held a previous data entry job.

If you have a background in sales – a degree or experience – you may find working at this position easier than you would if you have to learn the ropes from scratch.

Skills and Abilities

To work as a sales administrative assistant, you have to be exceptionally well-versed in handling order-taking and management duties, and also be able to manage sales documentation.

High energy, motivation, and strong analytic skills are required for people wanting to work in this position.