School Administrative Assistant Job Description Sample

Updated on May 25, 2018

School administrative assistants work under the direction of a principal or school administrator.

They coordinate, organize, oversee and perform everyday clerical and administrative duties associated with school operations.

They also provide secretarial assistance to the principal and serve as a liaison between students, staff, and parents.

Job Requirements

To work as a successful school administrative assistant, you need to possess knowledge of office management techniques and have some information on modern office practices in an academic environment. You must also have some knowledge of computers and school office practices as it will help you perform your duties correctly.

It will help if you have a degree to your name, but there are no formal education prerequisites for this position. However, you will need a high school diploma to qualify.

Sample Job Description for School Administrative Assistant 

• Oversee, coordinate and perform day to day school administrative functions

• Prepare and maintain student records and ensure that they are updated on a regular basis

• Provide secretarial assistance to the principal by relieving him or her of administrative tasks such as composing, typing and editing letters and bulletins

• Handle school newsletters, memos and agendas and notification systems

• Man the reception area and direct visitors and parents to correct school personnel

• Attend school board meetings and take minutes of meetings

• Reproduce minutes properly and forward to designated staff

• Handle mail distribution, collating, filing, faxing and sorting activities

• Manage purchase orders and authorizations

• Relay information to staff and students using a variety of mediums

• Answer telephone calls and transfer calls to the appropriate recipients

• Maintain students attendance and immunization records

• Provide support in new teachers and office staff orientation

• Administer first aid and CPR during times of emergencies

• Provide assistance to parents with school registration and admission procedures

• Distribute and collect textbooks and stationery

• Supervise classrooms in the event of short absences of teachers

• Handle and supervise students during break time and events

• Broadcast announcements over the public address systems