Hotel Administrative Assistant Cover Letter Sample and Guidance

Updated on: August 13, 2021
How to Write a Winning Cover Letter for Hotel Administrative Assistant Position?

The winning formula for writing a cover letter for a Hotel Administrative Assistant resume is simple – write what they want. 

Hotel Administrative Assistant cover letters have a purpose and that is to communicate with a prospective employer on a level where a resume cannot possibly reach.

The entire idea behind writing a cover letter is to create a document that complements your resume, making you come across as someone that the hiring manager cannot resist calling in for an interview.

How well your cover letter is written is what decides how quickly it will be able to grasp the hiring manager’s attention, and how long it will keep it.

Having established the fact that cover letters are indeed documents without which you may never get the job of your choice, let us now discuss what type of information goes into one.

If you look through the following cover letter sample, writing your own will not seem cumbersome:

Hotel Administrative Assistant Cover Letter Page Image

Hotel Administrative Assistant Cover Letter Sample

Tanya Robertson
11 Billboard Street
Conyers, GA 12321
(000) 142-7474
Tanya @ email . com

August 13, 2021

Mr. Jake Long
Human Resource Manager
The Regency
624 Rockville Road
Conyers, GA 80889

Dear Mr. Long:

The hospitality industry runs on two main rocks, which include organization and guest satisfaction. As an energetic individual who is an ace at ensuring both, I am positive that my profile as an administrative assistant with experience in a hospitality setting will interest you immensely.

Following are some of my achievements during the previous 5 years:

• Reorganized the hotel inventory system, resulting in a 57% increase in efficiency of supplies storage
• Successfully catered to 500 guests checking in on one day, without a single untoward incident transpiring
• Suggested acquiring services of a local vehicle services company, decreasing the cost of guest travel arrangements by a staggering 75%

Affectionately coined as the “eager beaver” of The Hyatt, I have been known to go the extra mile to make things work out, both in the facility’s favor and that of guests. This eagerness to do things in an organized manner is what led to an increase in yearly bonuses and additional benefits offered to me by the hotel’s top management!

If you are looking for a dependable and responsible individual to handle your hotel’s administrative needs, I am your person. I will contact you next week so that we may come to an arrangement to meet in person. Alternately, I can be contacted at (000) 142-7474.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Tanya Robertson