11 Retail Sales Assistant Achievements for Resume

Updated: October 20, 2020

Focusing on your achievements in a resume is the best way to sell yourself to a prospective employer. Not telling him or her your worth can quickly make your resume come crashing down.

To capture the best job opportunity out there, you cannot just add the latest job description, and recalculate the resume that you are already using.

It is essential to put in new information, especially regarding your achievements, so that hiring managers may know what you are capable of doing.

Present your best content regarding achievements forcefully. Since you do not have much space to write long accounts of why you are the best person to hire, choose precise words that highlight your accomplishments. Using action verbs for your benefit is imperative.

And it is essential to make sure that whatever you do write, can be backed up by evidence. For instance, if you have been responsible for increasing sales, you have to make sure that you back it up by figures or percentages. Words are powerful, as they are pegs to hold down your achievements.

Begin your hunt for the right words right now, and once you have a bevy of them, you can sit down to determine what you can write in your achievement statements.

Here is a list of some achievement statements for the position of a retail sales assistant:

11 Sample Achievements for Retail Sales Assistant Resume

  1. Successfully handled 59 customers in 1 hour, owing to an unusual customer activity during weekdays.
  2. Increased the store’s retail sales by $8000 per month by providing exceptionally well-placed customer services.
  3. Decreased the cost of acquiring stock items, by suggesting bringing onboard a much less expensive vendor.
  4. Implemented a foolproof way of ensuring that stock levels were well-maintained, replacing the old and archaic system.
  5. Devised a stock handling system, which proved to be 85% more efficient than the one already in place.
  6. Singlehandedly set up a large window display, just in time for the winter festival event at the store.
  7. Retained a particularly irate corporate customer, miffed by service provided by another sales assistant, by providing him with exceptional services.
  8. Improved customer services by actively looking out for loopholes in provided services, and reporting them to the supervisor.
  9. Led a product training session for customers, to update them about new products and their features.
  10. Trained 15 new retail sales assistants and interns, as part of their induction processes.
  11. Introduced a stock replenishment system, thereby decreasing the time it took for the process to complete, by 55%.