Retail Sales Associate Resume Objectives

Updated March 17, 2017

Open a resume well, and chances are that it will end well too. Writing an objective at the very beginning of your resume serves more than one purpose. Firstly, it gives the hiring manager a point of introduction to hold on to. Secondly, it provides him or her with a summary of your capabilities and work-related aspirations. A resume that begins with an objective has a higher chance of being successful because it looks structured to the reader.

How does one write an objective that isn’t boring or mundane? The simplest way is to start off by saying what position you intend to take up, and then backing it up with information of your skills and abilities, that will be useful to the employer. And you have yourself a resume objective that clearly states your purpose of applying for a job! Easy, isn’t it? Hang on! A resume objective may seem easy to write but it isn’t really. You have to think hard about what to write. What is it that sets you apart from other people applying for the same job? What are your specific capabilities as they relate to the work that a prospective employer expects you to perform? How do you match up to his or her expectations?

When you answer these questions in your head, you will be able to come up with objective statements such as the ones given here as examples:

Sample Objectives for Retail Sales Associate Resume

• Customer service-oriented Retail Sales Associate looking for a position at Lennox International. Bringing extensive comprehension of customer satisfaction metrics, through exceptional service delivery.

• Top performing retail sales professional with over 6 years of relevant experience seeking a position as Retail Sales Associate at Dick’s Sporting Goods. Offering a successful track record of promoting the company’s programs including warranty sales and seasonal promotions to bring onboard new customers, and servicing existing customers to ensure loyalty and repeat business.

• Desire a position as a Retail Sales Associate at Golf Galaxy. Eager to apply proficiencies in providing customers with exceptional services, processing shipments, replenishing sales floors, and handling operational tasks of a busy retail environment.

• To work as a Retail Sales Associate at Pet Food Express employing skills in ensuring high levels of customer satisfaction, through delivery of exceptional services.

• Desire a Retail Sales Associate position at ABC Company. Offers 3 years of dedicated experience of assessing customers’ needs and providing assistance and information on product features and benefits. Able to “go the extra mile” to drive sales and ensure repeat business, placing emphasis on customer satisfaction.

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