Retail Customer Service Duties and Responsibilities

Updated on: September 20, 2016

Position Overview

A retail customer service professional is specifically hired to provide one on one services to customers in a retail setting. Retail outlets hire and train individuals to lead customers through the shopping process by providing them with the best possible assistance, in order to make sure that they return with more business.


To be considered eligible for a retail customer service associate position, you must have great marketing and selling skills, along with a personality to please, and a will to resolve problems. Depending on the company that wants to hire you, you may or may not be required to possess a college degree – usually, a high school diploma or a GED is sufficient to work at this position.

As a retail customer service associate, you will be on your feet most hours of your work day, so some physical agility is important in this work. You will also need to possess an analytic mind and the ability to handle adverse situations before they become crises.

Some of the main duties that you will be performing in a retail customer service associate role include:

Retail Customer Service Duties and Responsibilities

• Study products and associated literature to gain understating of product features and benefits
• Greet customers as they enter the retail outlet and inquire into their requirements
• Comprehend customers’ requirements by asking questions where required and provide them with instructions on locations of their desired products
• Lead customers to the right aisles and assist them in locating their required items
• Provide detailed information of each product and demonstrate features and benefits
• Confirm prices of selected products and provide information regarding discounts or deals
• Assist customers through the payment procedure by leading them to cash counters and assisting in bagging or wrapping their purchases
• Coordinate delivery services on special requests of customer and follow up on deliveries to ensure timeliness
• Contact customers according to company policies to inquire about their satisfaction with purchases and handle any complaints or suggestions according to protocol
• Coordinate with the backend to ensure constant and consistent delivery of products to the front end
• Assist in setting up and maintaining visual merchandising displays in an aesthetic manner
• Ascertain that all shelved and displays are kept clean and maintained at all times
• Provide support to cashiers during rush hours, by manning the cash counter and processing payments
• Actively seek out customers within the store and offer assistance with directions and product selection
• Cross sell or upsell products in a bid to ensure that both store and self-targets are met