Top 10 Entry-Level Sales Resume Objective Examples

Updated on: April 2, 2022

Entry Level Sales Resumes that begin without an objective statement are quite discouraging for the employer. 

This is because an objective serves as an ice breaker, and if not supplied, the employer may not feel a connection and end up binning the resume.

A resume prepared for an entry-level position must have an objective that shows the enthusiasm and skills of the applicant.

Objectives on resumes are essential not only because they serve as icebreakers but also because they provide resumes with a toned appearance which can go a long way in making prospective employers feel that they are holding a resume that belongs to a thorough professional.

Remember that a resume objective develops an interest in the rest of the resume. 

It does not matter which position you are applying for; if it is an entry-level position, your resume objective must be strong.

Here are some objectives examples for an entry-level sales professional applying for their first job.

10 Best Sample Objectives for Entry Level Sales Resume

1. Seeking a position as a Sales Associate at Gordmans where my skills in customer handling and strong marketing knowledge will be utilized to contribute to the company’s profitability.

2. Looking for a Sales Associate position at Burberry Limited, utilizing a sound ability to learn from scratch and quickly gain new sales skills intending to contribute to the company’s sales growth.

3. Energetic and competent high school graduate. Eager to add to XYZ Company as a Sales Intern by establishing and maintaining a customer base. Keen ability to uphold presentation standards for customers.

4. To work for the Sales team of GAP Inc. employing strong relationship-building skills and customer service abilities to add to the company’s professional image. Passionate to meeting and exceeding sales goals through hard work and strong ethics.

5. To obtain a Sales Aide position with Macy’s. Bringing sales and customer service knowledge to contribute to the company’s success. Able to learn and perform essential sales functions with minimal direction.

6. Looking for a Sales Executive position at Giftology. Committed to providing excellent customer services to increase sales and retain existing clients. Passionate about surpassing sales targets with a strong ambition to succeed.

7. To work as a Sales Associate for Public Storage, utilizing the ability to work in a team-oriented sales environment. Exceptional ability to learn quickly and communicate effectively.

8. A results-oriented and extremely committed individual with a desire to contribute to ABC company’s sales team. Bringing discipline, drive, and energy to surpass challenging goals.

9. Poised to build a successful career in the sales profession by using skills developing brand name to add real value to XYZ Company. Able to multitask in a fast-paced environment.

10. Highly motivated and driven sales graduate with a brilliant academic record seeking a sales position at XYZ company. Strong organizational skills, high energy level, and persuasive acumen.

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