Data Entry personnel are expected to be highly expert and accurate using finger dexterity and concentration. This is largely because they need to input a high volume of data perfectly in a limited period of time.

Data entry is one of the basic needs of all offices – from a medical facility to a computer software company. People working as data entry clerks are expected to possess excellent typing skills and the ability to read and scrutinize documents effectively. Since even one mistake in this job can lead to serious consequences, data entry personnel are expected to provide total and absolute concentration while performing their duties.

If you are looking for a job as a data entry personnel, you need to consider the key skills that are important to doing this job perfectly. Your resume should depict these special skills effectively especially where the resume objective is concerned.

Here are a few examples of resume objectives that data entry personnel can use in their resume.

Data Entry Resume Objective Examples

• Looking for a position as a Data Entry Clerk with Submissions utilizing excellent typing speed and the ability to correctly enter information in a highly stimulating work environment.

• Seeking a Data Entry Associate position with Medical Solutions using knowledge of medical terminology along with excellent typing skills in order to input and store patients’ data accurately.

• A Data Entry Specialist position with Medicos. Offering superb ability to type 70 WPM and a profound aptitude to discover incorrect data in order to provide excellence in data punching services.

• To obtain a Data Entry Operator position with Computer Diagnostics. Bringing exceptional typing speed and profound ability to trace inconsistencies.

• To work for Mannings as a Data Entry Operator. Offering exceptional typing speed with great accuracy, well honed information utilization skills and ability to memorize data locations in order to bring a significant change in data entry operations.