Top 10 Data Entry Resume Objective Examples

Updated September 2, 2022
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If you are looking for a new data entry job, then you have to write a compelling resume.

The first section of your resume should be an objective statement that can significantly increase the chances of your employment. 

In order to write a great career objective statement, you have to sum up your data entry skills, knowledge, and experience in a few words. 

How to Write an Attractive Data Entry Resume Objective Statement?
  1. Take a look at the data entry job description provided by the employer.
  2. Find out the recruiter’s expectations.
  3. Add your relevant skills to the objective statement.
  4. Mention how you will be able to contribute by using your skills and experiences, as well as passion.

You can produce a good objective statement by using the following examples:

10 Sample Objectives for Data Entry Resume

Data Entry Career Objectives With Experience

1. Looking for a position as a Data Entry Clerk with Submissions. Bringing excellent typing speed and absolute concentration to enter 100% correct information. Ability to read and scrutinize documents effectively in a highly stimulating work environment.

2. Seeking a Data Entry Associate position with Medical Solutions where my excellent data entry skills and knowledge of medical terminology will be used to input and store patients’ data accurately.

3. A Data Entry Specialist position with Medicos. Offering superb ability to type 70 WPM and a profound aptitude to discover incorrect data to provide excellence in data entry services.

4. To obtain a Data Entry Operator position with Computer Diagnostics. Bringing exceptional typing speed and profound ability to trace inconsistencies.

5. Detail-oriented Data Entry Operator with exceptional typing speed and great accuracy. Poised to use the ability to memorize data locations to bring a significant change in data entry operations of ABC Company.

6. A passionate data entry specialist enthusiastic to contribute to the success of ABA Company by using perfect data entry skills gained through 5+ years of extensive data entry experience in fast-paced environments.

7. A focused and detail-oriented data entry clerk with remarkable typing speed and data interpretation skills. Eager to join AA Enterprises to contribute to your bottom line.

Entry Level Data Entry Resume Objective Examples

8. To pursue my career as a data entry specialist at XYZ Company. Bringing knowledge of data entry tools and excellent indexing/filing skills. Ability to work exceptionally well in a team-oriented and busy environment.

9. A hardworking and passionate data entry operator looking for an entry-level position at Walmart where proficiency in the use of data entry applications as well as accurate attention to detail will be fully utilized.

10. Seeking an entry-level data entry clerk position at Amazon. Eager to make use of perfect typing skills and strong database management knowledge to improve the productivity of the company.