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Updated on July 7, 2015

Writing a cover letter for an entry level sales position cannot be considered fun. It is a decidedly daunting job, which can scare even those people who have been good academically all their lives. But writing a cover letter is a necessary evil and you might not even consider it an “evil” once you learn that it is not as scary as it seems.

The anatomy of an entry level cover letter is not much different from the one which boasts highly of experience. Regardless of which one you are writing, you have to build up on your qualifications for the job and the skills that you have. The only disadvantage of an entry level cover letter is that it cannot be backed up by experience. But this disadvantage can be taken care of if you have a flare for playing with words.

Use of power words and phrases is very important in a cover letter. Cover letters need to be written in a manner that make them jump out of the pack. Grand opening statements should be taken into account when writing a cover letter. Here are a few grand openings:

• I recently met with Carey Fisher from your company…
• My computer skills developed from childhood…
• I thrive on challenge…
• You mention several things in your advertisement…
• Serendipity! As a graduating senior…

Reading this must have wanted you to wonder what the candidate wanted to write after the sentence was untimely truncated. Let us pick one opening from this to write a rocking entry level cover letter for a sales associate position:


Entry Level Sales Cover Letter Sample (No Experience)


Mark Evans
254 Sixth Street
Lufkin, TX 71021
(000) 808-1288
Mark @ email . com

July 7, 2015

Ms. Linda Snipes
Manager Human Resources
778 Knollwood Avenue
Lufkin, TX 77923


Dear Ms. Snipes:

Serendipity! As a recent sales graduate from Texas Business College, I was delighted to learn that Top Notch Sales Magazine has named Converse, a company that I have long admired, one of the top ten organizations to begin a career. Having recently acquired a sales degree, I am led to believe that I will indeed be a sizeable addition to your sales team.

If hired at a sales associate position at Converse, I can bring the following value:

• Commitment to producing sufficient sales to meet and exceed company / location standards
• Innovative customer soliciting ideas, keeping in mind a high level of customer service provision
• Proficiency in initiating and closing up-sales and handling customer complaints with a view to ensure business retention

I have a lot of ideas that I would like to share with you. I will be in touch with your office to arrange a meeting next week. Please feel free to contact me at (000) 808-1288 if you need any further information regarding my credentials.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to hearing from you soon.



Mark Evans

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