Management Intern Job Description for Resume

Updated on: April 2, 2022

The benefits of internships flow both ways – interns get to learn how organizations work and gain experience, and companies get the benefit of (almost) free work from dedicated professionals.

Students who have just finished a business/management degree often opt for internships as they provide them with experience of working in a real-time environment.

This experience can make their eligibility stronger for a managerial position when they apply for a full-time job.

Internships are offered across many industries.

Companies employ interns to help them organize their information; the plus point of hiring an intern is that they have substantial book knowledge and can apply concepts with little guidance and supervision.

Job Scope

Depending on what type of internship one has applied for, one can eventually pursue a career in management, marketing, sales, finance, tourism, hospitality, or any number of industries.

Most internships are unpaid – payment is in terms of experience gained – but some companies offer paid internships too.

Sample Job Description for Management Intern Resume

• Conduct research activities in the area of concern and provide valuable feedback to the management

• Write and edit management documentation and assist managers in tracking projects

• Assist in the creation and implementation of strategic management plans

• Participate in iteration planning and requirements gathering activities

• Act as a coordinator between different projects

• Make sure that all projects are implemented according to set requirements and guidelines

• Keep team members of each project up to date with project status and issues

• Provide support to general office duties such as budget reconciliation, correspondence, and database management

• Assist senior management to set organizational goals and objectives

• Use technology to perform mathematical calculations and research activities

• Provide internal meetings facilitation with various project teams

• Suggest ways to improve internal operations

• Make sure that all concurrent projects are launched on published schedules

• Create and maintain databases for management tracking purposes

• Perform data entry services to handle project information

• Assist in resolving project design and resource issues to minimize delays

• Assemble and analyze statistical data and provide meaningful interpretations

• Establish and maintain effective communication with customers to ensure recurring business opportunities

• Develop and deliver instructional materials for each project

• Provide administrative backup support for various positions within the management on a need basis

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