5 Entry-Level Healthcare Resume Objective Examples

Updated on: May 11, 2022

Adding an objective statement in an entry-level health care resume is optional.

While professionals opt for a performance summary instead, entry-level or mid-career candidates should prefer an objective statement.

Objectives communicate the candidate’s potential and main strengths to the employer very briefly.

Consider it a trailer of your candidacy and craft it accordingly.

The objective must be employer-centered to ensure the employer’s interest is developed enough to read through the document.

Resume objectives help the employer identify your eagerness and enthusiasm to work in the healthcare field.

You need to establish in the objective that you are a feasible candidate and have done some research in the company as well.

This reflects your seriousness for the position. Mentioning two things in any healthcare objective statement is very important.

These are; the exact name of the position being sought and the company it is being sought at. These details give more direction to an objective.

Since your objective statement is the first thing the prospective employer will come across on your resume, it is crucial to develop it after a lot of consideration. 

If the resume is skills-based, which entry-level resumes mostly are, it is ideal for sticking to the standard format, i.e., a one or two-lined statement, mentioning some necessary skills and the name of the position. 

Some examples follow:

5 Sample Objectives for Entry Level Healthcare Resume 

1. Seeking a position as a healthcare administrator with Austin Community Hospital. Offering skills in management, communication, and coordination, along with adequate knowledge of state-issued policies applicable to healthcare settings.

2. Highly motivated healthcare assistant seeking work in a similar capacity at ABC Clinic. Bringing skills in medicine administration, bedside patient care, and monitoring the daily progress of patients.

3. Compassionate and qualified healthcare assistant, excited to use my patient care delivery expertise to maximize the efficiency of XYZ Clinic.

4. To join the dedicated team of healthcare professionals in the capacity of healthcare assistant at Northwestern Healthcare institute. Current Healthcare assistant license. Substantial knowledge of sanitation protocols applicable to healthcare.

5. Passionate healthcare professional with excellent data management, patient communication, and departmental coordination skills, looking for a dynamic role at XYZ Hospital.

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