Retail Manager Resume Sample

Updated on: February 21, 2021

Retail management requires a lot of interaction with people thus exceptional salesmanship skills and leadership abilities are prerequisites for this position.

An excellent retail manager resume should reflect peoples’ orientation, executive administrative skills, and familiarity with customer care protocol. 

Considering the nature of the job, start with an executive summary, showcasing your qualifications and accomplishments.

To mention your work experience, try to showcase your achievements and support the same with facts and figures whenever possible.

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Sample Resume for Retail Manager Position 

Martha McKenzie
89 Unison Ave, Fremont, CA 94554
(003) 444-6677
[email protected]

Sales …. Customer Service …. Leadership

Proven leader with a successful track record of managing overall store operations. Demonstrated ability to hire, train, coach and develop retail store personnel. Exceptionally skilled in P&L management and shrink reduction control.


  • Cost control and budgeting
  • Inventory management
  • Market needs analysis
  • Client retention
  • Organizational sales staff auditing
  • Store operational procedures


  • Skilled in making strategic marketing moves, based on thorough and constant market competency needs analysis.
  • Track record of maximizing the company’s profits via exercising and implementing company-approved LP policies and inventory control procedures.
  • Expert in training the sales team to enhance the overall sales of the company.
  • Proven ability to ensure delivery of executive quality customer care via regular audits based on the processing of customer feedback and complaints.
  • Capable of thorough risk assessment, forecasting, and issuing productive reports on the same, advising a profitable course of action in light of analysis.


Retail Manager
Trader Joe – Fremont, CA
2016 – Present

  • Managed a team of 20+ personnel including supervisors and sales/customer service experts.
  • Overlook all aspects of customer care management, quality assurance, and client satisfaction.
  • Supervise the sales team and devise marketing strategies for the promotion of the company’s products.
  • Conduct regular audits for the improvement of the sales department.
  • Act as liaison between the store manager and sales department.
  • Ensure prompt inventory maintenance and implementation of P&L practices.
  • Resolve HR issues relating to the sales department.
  • Conduct regular competence analysis and issue relevant reports based on the same.
  • Devise research-based strategies for retail enhancement and company product promotion.

Key Achievements

  • Enhanced the company’s turnover rate by 20% during the first year through effective cost control and advance sales performance.
  • Groomed numerous teams of sales personnel and earned the award of ‘best trainer’ for three consecutive years.

Retail Assistant Manager
Seattle Goodwill – Bellevue, WA
2006 – 2016

  • Support the Senior Store Manager in managing a team of sales, customer service, and product experts.
  • Implemented operational direction and visual merchandising standards.
  • Ensured the standards of floor sets, marketing, cleanliness, and sales promotion.
  • Welcomed customers into the store in a warm and wholly sincere manner.

Key Achievements

  • Demonstrated detailed familiarity with all products and services.
  • Attained individual sales goals by 100%.
  • Presented and displayed merchandise that increased impact and increased sales by 30%.

Bachelor of Business Administration
Fremont University, Fremont, CA | 2007
Major: Marketing

I am committed to building and sustaining long-term customer relationships.

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