Resignation Letter 2 Weeks Notice (Retail)

Updated on March 8, 2018

Writing resignation letters is quite a challenging job; after all, you have worked at a particular place for some time and leaving amicably may be difficult.

This fact is especially true if you are providing your employer with short notice. Many organizations have a four-week resignation rule and expect their employees to abide by that rule when thinking of resigning.

The retail world has a tremendous employee turnover rate; lots of people leave and are hired on a constant basis. Of course, providing training to new people can be time-consuming which is why employers prefer that the employee who has resigned should handle the training process during the notice period.

There are many different positions that people can work at in the retail world – cashiers and sales representatives are just two of them. If you are looking for a sample resignation letter that will help you transit from your present job in a cordial manner two weeks, you may take ideas from the following one.


Two Weeks Resignation Letter Sample for Retail



February 22, 2018

Mr. Edward Harrison
General Manager (Human Resources)
Tesco Bell
467 Bell Drive
Reform, AL 39001


Dear Mr. Harrison:

This letter is a formal resignation from my position as a Cashier on two weeks’ notice. The past two years that I have spent working as a Cashier at Tesco Bell have been the most amazing years of my life as I have learned from my experience extensively. However, it is time for me to move on as I have been offered a sales position in Northport and need to move from Reform at the end of three weeks.

Tesco Bell has taught me all that I know about the retail world, and I am genuinely grateful for this experience and the chance provided to polish my skills. My supervisors and coworkers have been fantastic in helping me learn the ropes, and it is because of these people that I am a professional at what I do. It is unfortunate that I will have to move so far to pursue a job near to my home.

During this two weeks’ transition, I will not only train the person who is going to replace me but also, I will assist proactively in looking for the right candidate.

I would appreciate it if you provide me with a reference letter at the end of two weeks to make things smoother. Thank you for the tremendous support you have provided me during my time here.



Felicity Jones
Cashier, Tesco Bell