13 Sample Achievements for Retail Store Manager Resume

Updated: January 23, 2023

If you have some (or many) accomplishments to your name during the course of your career, you should use them on a resume to add credibility to your job application.

Achievements on a retail store manager resume serve as a great way of telling a prospective employer what you are capable of. However, it is not easy to identify what you have achieved.

There is a thin line between writing your accomplishments successfully and merely stating your job responsibilities.

Keeping this in mind, one has to be very vigilant when attempting to write the achievements section of a resume.

If you know the difference between achievement and job responsibility, you just might be able to handle this effectively.

An achievement is something that you have accomplished during the course of your employment; a job responsibility, on the other hand, is simply what you have been doing each day as part of your job description.

To understand this better, refer to the following sample achievements for a retail store manager.

13 Sample Achievements for Retail Store Manager Resume

  1. Successfully increased the company’s sales activities, increasing sales by $50,000 per month.
  2. Increased customer base by 50% within the first six months of the year 2022 by employing exceptional customer orientation and sales push techniques.
  3. Hired, trained, and coordinated a staff of 72 salespeople successfully.
  4. Decreased the store’s overhead costs by $5000 per year by introducing energy-efficient measures without compromising the outlook of the store.
  5. Winner of two major merchandising contests – The Retail Hand (2021) and Retail Mongers (2022).
  6. Consistently met sales deadlines for 11 years and was awarded the “Super Sales Manager” award for three consecutive years (2019 – 2022).
  7. Employed customer service efficacy plans, which proved invaluable in raising customer satisfaction scores from 39% to 77% within the first year of joining the company.
  8. Worked as an active member of the sales management team that reduced management turnover from 50% to 10% in a single year.
  9. Entrusted with the responsibility of overseeing an additional 7 store district for 6 months during a management vacancy.
  10. Conducted 4 product awareness and understanding programs, which increased sales by $6000 per month.
  11. Created a retail management handbook for the assistance of new retail managers’ startup procedures across the branches of the company.
  12. Trained, led, and developed several sales teams, which produced exceptional results.
  13. Introduced the concept of “daily quick connect meetings,” which brought about both employee and customer recognition with high efficacy.

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