A cover letter is the candidate’s first, formal and personal introduction to the employer. The fate of the enclosed resume depends on the cover letter to quite an extent.

To write an impressive cover letter for a crime scene investigation position, first of all, you need to prioritize the potential employer’s preferred skills for the job. The next thing to do is to think up a catchy opening and a lingering ending for your letter.

Once you’ve chalked out all these things, you are ready to go!


Crime Scene Investigator Cover Letter Sample


Samuel Jake
90 Rodney Lane
Auburn, WA 89447
Cellular: (004) 666-7777
Home: (003) 555-9999

January 27, 2014

Ms. Patricia Mitch
HR In charge
Office of Inspector General
874 Right Offices
Auburn, WA 89447


Dear Ms. Mitch:

While going through Crime Scene Investigator (CSI) job listings on indeed.com yesterday, I came across your job advertisement for the same. As an extroverted and experienced crime scene investigator, I’d like to bring my skills and expertise to your facility.

Following is a description of my qualifications:

• Five years’ hands-on experience in finger printing cards preparation and running the same for matching with the national record database

• Possess outstanding skills and expertise regarding crime scene handling and analysis for conducting investigation

• Well versed in maintaining confidentiality and protecting crime scene evidence

• Gifted with high level reasoning problem solving and analytical skills, I am adept at formulating establishing and testing relevance hypotheses

• Outstanding ability to communicate effectively renders me a good team player, exceptional suspect interviewer and a very good team coordinator for criminal case processing

I enthusiastically look forward to an opportunity of discussing the prospect with you and enlightening you regarding my skills that could really come in handy at your department. I shall call your office by end of next week to ensure the receipt of this application. Meanwhile, please feel free to call me at (004) 666-7777 to schedule an interview or to clarify any queries regarding my profile. My detailed resume is also attached for your consideration.



Samuel Jake

Attachment: Resume