The main duty of a human resources coordinator is to assist both current and potential employees. They do this by utilizing their understanding of payroll, compensation, employee relationships, ethics, staffing management and much more.

HR coordinators are trained heavily in the work that they perform. They are an essential part of both a hiring and a firing committee and also advise departments about policies and rule interpretations. They also conduct research and analysis on issues and problems pertaining to employees and even related personnel problems.

If you are a trained HR coordinator who is looking for work in this capacity, the following resume objective examples will help you decide what to write in your own.

Sample Objectives for HR Coordinator Resume

For Experienced Candidates

● Efficient and tactful professional seeking a position of HR Coordinator at ABC Company. Bringing extensive experience in coordinating staffing activities, recruiting, screening, and interviewing. Demonstrated ability to manage the diverse administrative systems.

● Resourceful HR Coordinator seeking a similar position with Carl Vision utilizing 6-plus-year hands-on experience in providing support to various management and administrative functions within the Human Resources Department.

● To work for Seer’s Holding as HR Coordinator. Bringing 8 years’ track record of working in HRIS, compensation, benefits, and employee relations while employing professional discretion and confidentiality.

For Entry Level Candidates

● Looking for a position as an HR Coordinator at Publicis using knowledge of basic HR support, incentive programs, employee listings and enrollment procedures in order to orchestrate smooth flow of departmental operations.

● To work as an HR Coordinator for Capital One using exceptional ability to interview, screen, evaluate, hire, and develop employees. Able to meet deadlines in a time efficient manner.

● Desire an HR Coordinator position at NTT Data. Offering strong knowledge of employee relations, development and lifecycles along with ability to manage premier professional services for the company.