Occupational therapists assist patients who have disabling conditions brought on by a mental, emotional, developmental or even physical disability.

From very basic disabilities to very advanced ones, occupational therapists help patients in performing various tasks that a normal human being may take for granted.

If you are thinking to apply for an occupational therapist position, the following cover letter may interest you.



Sample Cover Letter for an Occupational Therapist


Kayla Joshua

1029 Osage Road, Claymont, DE 14522
(077) 777-7777, Email

July 13, 2016

Mr. Dean Koontz
Manager HR
Therapy in Sync
336 Harvest Drive
Claymont, DE 88020


Dear Mr. Koontz:

I am writing to apply for an Occupational Therapist position at the Claymont Health System. My vocation as an Occupational Therapist enables me to work in a diverse environment that has much to offer in terms of satisfaction derived from assisting patients. Claymont Health System has been providing exceptional occupational therapy services for a wide variety of disabling diseases and I would like to contribute to your efforts.

Over the 4 years that I have worked as an occupational therapist, I attained a consistent growth and stability in the profession and possess a passion to improve the quality of care in a skilled rehabilitation setting. I well-versed in developing rehabilitation programs based on individual capabilities of patients in order to help them rebuild lost skills and restore their confidence. I effectively teach patients anxiety management techniques along with advising them on home and workplace environmental adjustments that they need in order to lead normal lives.

I am confident that my master’s degree in occupational therapy along with my OTR award and extensive experience makes me a good contender for this position. I can be reached at (077) 777-7117 if you need any additional information.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to meeting with you soon.



Kayla Joshua

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