Shop Owner Resume Sample

Updated: April 6, 2019

A shop owner’s position is that of great responsibility.

When writing a resume for the shop manager position, you have to show that you have exceptional retail management and leadership skills.


Similarly, show your ability to handle customers and shop staff.

In your resume for this position, ensure that your organizational skills are made evident. Write about your experience in a retail setting.

Technically, you have to make your resume a good read.



Resume sample for a shop owner ahead!

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Shop Owner Resume Sample


German Carter
18 Beach Road, Boulder, CO 49315
(000) 999-9999


Highly organized and resourceful individual, with 8+ years of retail experience in leadership roles. Demonstrated ability to plan and direct the daily operations of the shop. Expert at developing strategies to improve customer services.


Staff Scheduling
Customer Satisfaction
Budget Prep
Trends Identification

Profit Increment
Recruiting Strategies
Variance Analysis
Shop Safety

Complaint Handling
Store Maintenance
Marketing and Sales


• Implemented a powerful marketing campaign, as a result, increased customer base by 65%.
• Identified the competitive trend, thereby, brought the company to a competitive advantage.
• Handled a particularly difficult complaint case, retaining the corporate customer, despite adverse circumstances.
• Introduced a staff scheduling system, proved to be 50% more efficient than the one already being followed.


Shop Owner
Rudy’s Retail, Boulder, CO | 6/2010 – Present

• Create and implement staff schedules in order to ensure that no shifts are left vacant.
• Provided staff members with training and information on daily tasks.
• Create and implement marketing and sales strategies.
• Prepare annual budgets, and schedule expenditures.
• Identify current and future customer requirements, and ensure that they are fulfilled.
• Create pricing policies.
• Review merchandising tasks and determine the required sales promotions.
• Handle customer requests in order to ensure satisfaction.
• Ensure the security of merchandise by implementing workable security systems.
• Assist marketing and sales teams in developing strategies for customer inflow.
• Maintain and oversee inventory, dealing with low stock situations as appropriate.

Retail Manager
Murphy’s Retail, Boulder, CO | 2/2009 – 5/2010

• Greeted customers as they arrived at the store.
• Inquired into customer’s specific requirements.
• Led or directed customers to the right aisles.
• Assisted customers in choosing the right products.
• Led customers through the payment process, and bagged their purchases.

High School Diploma
Boulder High School, Boulder, CO 

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