Special Skills for Restaurant Resume

Updated on: September 6, 2018

People working in a restaurant need to be extremely customer oriented as they are in constant contact with customers. There are many positions that you will find people working on in a restaurant which may include bussers, servers, waiters, cashiers, kitchen staff, supervisors, chefs, cooks and of course a restaurant manager.

No matter which position a person is working at, some skills are needed for anyone working in a restaurant environment. This may include the ability to manage both business and housekeeping activities. Restaurant staff has to be very well organized with a keen ability to work around problems and deliver the best in customer services at all times regardless of personal issues and constraints.

Let us have a look at some special skills that we deem necessary for a hospitality staff to possess.

Special Skills for Restaurant Resume

• Excellent customer service orientation

• Exceptional communication skills with a charming demeanor

• Proficient in food planning and menu development

• Hands on experience in personnel management and performing bookkeeping activities

• Self-disciplined with a keen ability to take the initiative

• Able to assess customers’ needs and fulfill them appropriately

• Proven ability to handle pressure and work well under stressful situations

• Strong ability to foster teamwork and manage conflict resolution

• Good organizational skills

• Adept at handling administrative and front desk tasks

It may seem that most of these skills are particular to a managerial job in a restaurant but you will be quite surprised to know that these attributes need to be the part of a personality for almost anyone working in a restaurant environment owing to the fact that it is a high customer oriented environment.

Waiters in a restaurant will need to be very polite and kind listeners so they can take orders correctly and accurately relay those orders to the kitchen. The need to be detail oriented in very high on the list because if a customer does not get what he ordered exactly, well, you have a perfect chance of not engendering recurring business from that customer.