Restaurant General Manager Resume Sample

Updated on: March 28, 2018

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Restaurant General Manager Resume Example



Sandra Winehouse
525 Berg Road, Richmond, VA52033
(000) 658-2510
[email protected]

Excellence Standards ● Recruitment & Training ● Leadership ● Complaints Handling

• 15+ years of experience in leading restaurant staff to ensure delivery of seamless services to patrons, while paving the way for new business opportunities.
• Documented success in creating and implementing staff schedules to ensure that restaurant operations run smoothly.
• Strategized a novel way of ensuring restaurant security during night time, resulting in decreased incidents of nighttime problems.
• Implemented a staff scheduling system, which proved to be 50% more efficient than the one already in place.
• Streamlined restaurant operations, by introducing a step by step system to manager opening and closing activities.
• Increased patronage by 65% in 4 months, owing to an exceptionally well-placed marketing plan.


• Operations Oversight • Staff Management • Inventory Control
• Scheduling • F&B Team Development • Marketing
• Complaint Handling • Staffing Coverage • Strategy Development
• Customer Retention • Cleanliness Oversight • Restaurant Security


Restaurant General Manager
Sweet Green, Richmond, VA                                    [2012 – Present]
• Establish business plans for the restaurant, by determining demand, and identifying and assessing the competition.
• Ascertain that the restaurant’s financial objectives are met by developing financing, and preparing and administering budgets and financial plans.
• Develop and implement core marketing strategies to attract new customers to the restaurant.
• Oversee purchases and inventory to ensure that all is in check and that low stock situations do not arise.
• Maintain restaurant operations by creating and implementing policies and procedures.
• Ascertain that the restaurant’s human resource objectives were met, by ensuring proper scheduling.
• Oversee staff members to ensure delivery of exceptional customer and food services.
• Control kitchen operations, ensuring that any cleanliness or sanitization issues are properly addressed.

Restaurant Manager
Shake Shack, Richmond, VA                                        [2003 – 2012]
• Oversaw the work of all restaurant staff, including waiters, kitchen hands, and servers.
• Ascertained that all customers were being dealt with in a polite and efficient manner.
• Determined the need for supplies and ingredients, and ensured that they were procured in a timely manner.
• Handled customers’ complaints according to policies, ensuring business retention where possible.
• Oversaw kitchen operations, ensuring that there was a proper bridge between servers and food preparers.

Virginia State University, Richmond, VA – 2000
Bachelor’s Degree in Hospitality