Sanitation workers are an integral part of any organization owing to the need to clean and sanitize premises. You will find them working in schools, universities, offices and hospitals where their main job is to ensure the cleanliness of the premises that they are working in.

Sanitation workers may be expected to collecting and recycling trash along with polishing floors and moving heavy furniture from one place to another. They may also be required to remove snow, load trash barrels and sand icy streets. This job requires a lot of physical labor which is why sanitation workers are expected to be physically fit and possess the ability to handle and move heavy objects.

The following are some skills that a sanitation worker needs to have in order to do justice to their job.

Sample Skills for Sanitation Worker Resume

❖ Proficient in mopping, sweeping, scrubbing and vacuuming surfaces

❖ Well-versed in cleaning window, glass partitions and doors

❖ Economically uses chemicals, detergents and cleaning equipment

❖ Capable of moving up to 100lbs of load

❖ Excellent physical dexterity

❖ Expert in performing repetitive movements constantly

❖ Able to stand on feet for long hours

❖ Demonstrated ability to work in confined places

❖ Exceptional track record of working progressively in a team environment

❖ Working knowledge of common sanitation chemicals and their application

❖ Exceptional ability to maintain simple records

❖ Working knowledge of loading garbage trucks and using collection equipment

❖ Understanding of performing inspections and maintaining refuse equipment

❖ Great attention to detail to keep a premises perfectly clean

❖ Knowledge of cleaning chemicals and their possible effects on people

❖ Able to identify and address cleanliness and sanitation issues