Restaurant Owner Resume Sample

It is a great responsibility to own a restaurant but it is also an amazing learning experience. People who are interested in the culinary business, often aspire to eventually own restaurants or gain franchise licenses. In the latter case, you will need to make sure that all your credentials are in place before you apply for a franchise license – especially the resume. In some instances, restaurant owners may double as restaurant managers.

A restaurant owner’s (or manager’s) resume should highlight the candidate’s knowledge of the culinary world – both food preparation and the business angle. Running a restaurant is a mean feat so it is imperative to possess a knack for leading a complicated. Your resume is your door to a successful restaurant business eventually. Here is a sample restaurant owner resume that you can look through before attempting to write your own.


Restaurant Owner Resume Sample


Gary Holmes

562 Walnut Street● Grafton, WV 92836 ● (999) 999-9999,

Restaurant Owner

High energy background in a fast-paced culinary setting. Possess outstanding knowledge of the food industry, superior communication skills and a passion for excellence in a customer-oriented environment. Tenacious and resourceful with deep knowledge of holding and maintaining customer loyalty in a food service environment. Major qQualifications include:

• Able to blend creative and administration skills to achieve restaurant staff and customer targets
• Extensive experience in developing customers through well-placed marketing activities
• Functional ability to manage and maintain restaurant finances including payroll, cash-in and bank liaison
• Expansive awareness of culinary trends in the food service industry along with great capability of standing up to competition


– Food quality– Supplies and purchases–  Health and safety
– Customer service– Service promotion– Staff development
– Finance handling– Menu planning– Hospitality management
– Events management– Communication– Budget conformity

• Grew customer base by 62% in the first year hired as restaurant manager at Pitchers Galore
• Introduced All Smiles, a customer service directive that endorsed the cliché “the customer is always right”
• Streamlined food ordering system by introducing real time orders through tablets, decreasing order time by 35%
• Featured in Food Market as the “Best Restaurant in Grafton” in the July 2014 issue


Restaurant Manager | Pitcher’s Galore, Grafton, WV | 2010 to Present

• Greet restaurant patrons and ensure that they are seated properly by coordinating service through restaurant hosts
• Oversee the customers to ensure that they are being well taken care of by the restaurant staff
• Estimate food consumption and coordinate with suppliers to make sure that food and beverage items do not run out
• Oversee cleaning of the kitchen and make-certain that employees conform to food safety and general hygiene principles
• Monitor actions of staff members, take corrective action where needed and intervene in adverse situations
• Direct the cleaning of the restaurant and ensure that liquor regulations are strictly followed
• Take complaints from customers and attempt to resolve them by prioritizing customer satisfaction
• Arrange for purchase, maintenance and repair of restaurant equipment and furniture
• Monitor cash flow and ensure that the cash register is appropriately balanced at the end of the day
• Assist in planning menus and indulge in marketing activities to increase the restaurant’s presence in the industry

Host | Olive Garden, Grafton, WV | 2009 to 2010

• Welcomed customers and assisted in seating them
• Provided them with menus and informed them of the day’s special
• Assisted customers in making choices by providing them with information on menu items
• Took orders and repeated them to ensure accuracy
• Provided customers with a timeline for order delivery
• Relayed orders to kitchen staff and followed up on each order to ensure timely preparation
• Delivered food and beverage orders to customers
• Coordinates check preparation with the cashier and handed food bills to customers

Yates Culinary College, Grafton, WV, 2005
B.A. | Culinary Arts

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