Position Overview

Security guards are responsible for the safety of people and premises in the area that they are working in. They respond to alarms that may identify crimes, fires and medical emergencies and use their training and expertise to handle the situation appropriately.

Security guards are alert individuals who are expected to look out for potential trouble and attempt to manage a non savory situation. They make rounds of the premises that are assigned to them in order to provide protection to it and the people and assets within and to ward of any criminal activities. In the event of a criminal activity happening, security guards reports instances of malpractice such as vandalism and theft and attempt to control it until reinforcement arrives.

Since this work is highly dependent on the personality of the person doing it, it is important for a security guard to be flawless in his actions and technique. People who cannot work long shifts or are not quick thinkers can never be good security guards which is why they are screened thoroughly before a training procedure commences.

Needless to say, security guards should be extremely vigilant and skilled in their work. They should be able to use their training and skills in every second that they are at work.

Take a look at some of the skills that a security guard is expected to practice while on duty. This skills list can be effectively utilized in the ‘skills’ or ‘qualifications’ section of a security guard resume.

Sample Skills for Security Guard Resume

• Well-versed in securing a facility/premises using advanced techniques
• Track record of patrolling assigned areas diligently
•  Known for acting quickly in emergency situations
• Working knowledge of using firearms and other security equipment
• Excellent judgment aptitude with a solid ability to detect imminent threats
• Willing to work in a rotating shift
• First Aid and CPR Certified
• Excellent communication skills
• Good eye for detail with the ability to stay organized at all times
• Polite and courteous demeanor
• Particularly effective in working independently
• Proven ability to adapt to changing priorities
• Track record of working in a fast paced environment
• Effective listening skills
• Physically dexterous
• Profound ability to maintain confidentiality of information
• Extremely capable of monitoring premises through advanced security cameras
• Very vigilant to suspicious individuals and things
• Demonstrated ability to handle and resolve conflicts in an effective manner