Restaurant Waiter Cover Letter Example

Updated on: March 10, 2022

Restaurant waiters are usually the first point of contact in a restaurant as they greet customers and offer them an appropriate seat.

Once customers are seated, they provide menus and welcome drinks and wait for them to make their ordering decisions. Restaurant waiters take orders, relay orders to the kitchen, and ensure that the order is delivered to the customers promptly.

They need to be alert to anticipate the patrons’ needs while they start eating. They also ensure the accuracy of the order and deliver the bill to the customers when instructed to.

Typically, these professionals are high school graduates who have a sound grasp for delivering hospitality services in a restaurant environment.

Employers in the hospitality industry require a little extra from the waiting staff they hire.

That is why candidates applying for a job at a restaurant or a hotel need to pay particular attention to their application documents – especially cover letters.

Restaurant Waiter Cover Letter Sample

David Mansfield
3890 Tomohawk Drive
Saint Louis, MO 66792
(000) 000-3333

March 10, 2022

Mr. Richard Bernard
Manage Human Resource
Cheeky Joe’s
67 Mary Jo Road
Saint Louis, MO 66679

Dear Mr. Bernard:

My hospitality expertise, fun attitude, and exceptional patron-care skills make me a perfect candidate for a Waiter position at Cheeky Joe’s. I am eager to bring a significant change to your client base through my exceptional talents.

Most customers at Pasta Lounge (my previous place of work) asked to be served by David – and this can be verified from the restaurant. It took me 5+ years of continually maintaining standards of customer service to be able to boast this.

Having extensive experience in hand, I am now ready to explore new challenges. Since I mostly worked with fine dining restaurants, I am fully aware of the norms and guests’ expectations. Particularly, I am well versed in taking and delivering orders with accuracy and following the quality and quantity protocols of the establishment. My suggestive selling techniques are usually a hit with the customer, and my sense of humor is a force to reckon with – although I know just how to maintain decorum necessary for this position.

Overworking does not intimidate me, i.e., I have no qualms about working extra shifts or fill in for a fellow waiter. Moreover, I possess some culinary skills too – which would be useful in assisting kitchen staff and preparing basic recipes.

I have enclosed my resume for your review and anticipate meeting with you soon in an interview. If you have any queries regarding my qualifications or references, you may reach me on my cell phone or contact me via email.

Thank you for your consideration.


David Mansfield

Enc. Resume