List of Interpersonal Skills for Resume

Updated on June 23, 2019

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The way you interact with people at your workplace says a lot about how well you fit in.

Interpersonal skills are, by far, the most important skills on a resume.


Therefore, it is imperative to write to them. In this case, the employer will be able to gauge your ability to settle into any given work environment.


Sample Interpersonal Skills


Stress Handling

Regardless of the type of workplace, stress is a substantial contributing factor to conflicts between employees.

Since stress is imminent in all workplaces, it is crucial to hire the right people who will be able to deal with stressful situations maturely.



Flexibility is another skill that can help you deal with people at work, whether they are co-workers, supervisors, or customers.

So what can you write on a resume that will bring attention to your interpersonal skills?


Below is a comprehensive list of interpersonal skills for a resume.

Feel free to use some of them in your resume as per the requirements.


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List of Interpersonal Skills for Resume

• Exceptional communication skills

• Conflict handling as well as resolution

• Demonstrated ability to take constructive criticism in a positive manner

• Creative thinking with great flexibility to adjust to any work environment

• Encouraging attitude

• A strong capability of inspiring others

• Profound listening skills

• Mediation abilities

• Able to negotiate positively

• Proactively resolving problems

• A responsible approach aimed at ensuring positive outcomes of assigned projects

• Competent at reinforcing concepts in a positive manner

• Relationship building

• Teamwork

• Customer service

• Adapt to changing work environments

• Ability to motivate employees in order to make the most of their potential

• Injecting humor into mundane presentations

• Committed to employing diplomacy in order to minimize adversity under challenging situations

• Adept at handling group facilitation activities to bring team workers together

• Exceptional talent for communicating with staff to assist them in working flexibly

• Excellent networking skills aimed at generating business and ensuring loyal clientele

• Responsible approach targeted at ensuring completion of projects on time

• Tolerant nature especially during times of extreme duress

• Ability to offer sympathy as well as practice sensitivity in delicate matters

• Exceptional instructional skills aimed at ensuring a positive learning

• Active listening targeted at handling problems and taking improvement advice

• A caring attitude and inherent compassion

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