Sample Interpersonal Communication Skills for Resume

Updated on: July 8, 2020

Showcasing some interpersonal skills play an essential role in establishing candidates’ employability since almost 90% of professions involve customer dealing in some form or another.

Although some critics claim that these should fall under the broad category of soft skills, yet they continue to be a major requirement for many positions.

Expressing interpersonal skills in writing is confusing and even more difficult in a resume, which is meant to be an objective document, unlike the cover letter which allows room for personalization.

If you are finding it difficult to word your interpersonal skills for a resume, then going through a list of some common interpersonal skills can be helpful.

Do not copy the exact phrases, but modify the same to reflect the interpersonal skills that reflect your potential most.

Just like in the case of technical skills, it is common practice to empower interpersonal skills with strong and impactful action words.

Sample Interpersonal/Communication Skills Phrases for Resume

• Good listener with a remarkable ability to understand instructions while paying attention to detail.

• Excellent convincing and persuasive skills.

• Strong negotiating power.

• Able to get along with co-workers.

• Adept at taking directions and following them to book.

• Matchless presentation skills.

• Able to communicate and explain things clearly.

• Track record of understanding and addressing the client’s needs and preferences.

• Adept at inspiring and mentoring a team of workers to enhance productivity.

• Well versed in providing counseling services.

• Demonstrated ability to motivate and energize a group of employees in order to improve productivity.

• Proven leadership qualities with the ability to take along a team.

• Particularly effective in mediating and intervening between two parties as and when required.

• Power to facilitate the communication process.

• Unparalleled networking skills.

• Ability to create and maintain professional relations with clients.

• Capable of revitalizing PRs by calling potential customers and promoting deal packages productively.

• Demonstrated ability to greet customers and respond quickly to their queries.

• Well practiced in attending phone calls and answering customer queries.

• Trained in coordinating over matters with two or more parties to reach a consensus.

• Patient personality with a high tolerance level.

• Adept at utilizing conflict resolution strategies effectively as and when needed.

• Capable of issuing instructions in an understandable manner while ensuring that the staff understands them.

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