Sample Cover Letter for RPN in Canada

An ideal cover letter for an RPN position in Canada must not be long than a single page and it must serve the following purpose:

• Convey your interest in the position and some knowledge regarding the policies that govern the hiring organization

• Demonstrate your potential and strengths in the field

• Showcase your relevant experience enlisting your core competencies developed through hands on practice

• Highlight your current, valid and applicable certifications in the field of nursing

The manner in which you begin and end your cover letter is what helps in setting you apart. Do not settle for a simple starting like I saw your ad in… or I wish to apply for..

To make your letter stand out, own the profession and begin with an expression of ownership.


RPN Cover Letter Sample


Helen James

455 Beverly Villas, Seattle, WA 45929
Cellular: (004) 333-5555 ♦ Home: (005) 444-6666
helen . james @ email . com

March 29, 2014

Ms. Fiona Wilson
HR In charge
ABC Hospital
65 Jinx Road
Seattle, WA 45929


Dear Ms. Wilson:

Joining the committed team of nurses at ABC Hospital has been my dream ever since I entered in the nursing profession. My 7 years’ nursing experience with diverse healthcare settings provides me with the capabilities to fulfill the RPN position currently available at ABC Hospital.

Highlights of my profile follow for your consideration:

• Skilled in providing perfect patient care
• Fluent in documenting patient data as per CNO standards
• Well versed in assisting referral doctors in the process of patient evaluation and assessment
• Adept at implementing the prescribed medical schedule
• Current BCLS certification

My detailed resume is enclosed for your view which documents my exact qualifications and experience.

I would love to meet with you in person to discuss your nursing care standards and patient care policies and relate my competencies with the same. I shall call your secretary by the end of this week to arrange an interview. In case you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call me at (005) 444-6666 anytime.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



Helen James

Helen James

Encl. Resume

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