Attributes of a Nurse for Resume

Updated March 21, 2021
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Nursing is considered an incredibly noble profession for many reasons. The endless work that nurses put into ensuring that patients receive the best possible care is not easy, but they do it with total precision anyway.

As healthcare professionals, they provide direct patient care by performing many duties such as taking and recording vitals, assessing medical conditions, and formulating and implementing nursing plans.

Working under the supervision of nurse managers or physicians, nurses are required to perform much more than just direct patient care.

They evaluate a patient’s need for reassessment and perform care plan evaluation activities as well.

Nurses are also required to be in constant contact with patients’ families to educate them and provide them with a shoulder to lean on. To work as a nurse, one needs to possess a degree in nursing and associated certifications.

Apart from formal education, it is essential for a nurse to possess some personal skills and attributes that make her ready for this demanding job.

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Let us have a look at what these may be.

Nurse Attributes for Resume

• Emotionally stable; able to handle traumatic situations calmly and proactively.

• Natural empathy and the ability to feel compassion.

• Mettle to treat fatigue occasionally.

• Talent to portray a “compassionate side of hospital bureaucracy.”

• Flexible in managing odd working hours and days and long periods.

• Exceptional attention to detail targeted at patient information recording and medicine administering.

• Proven ability to create a workable liaison between doctors and patients and work positively in the face of adversity.

• Great physical endurance, along with a great ability to stand for long periods and performing taxing maneuvers.

• Ability to respond quickly and efficiently, especially in cases of critical emergencies.

• Excellent communication skills to work efficiently with people in all roles in a healthcare setting.

• Teamwork skills aimed at working cooperatively with other members of a healthcare team.

• Developed competency in monitoring patients’ health conditions.

• Proven ability to follow and comply with rules and regulations set by the healthcare facility.

• Ability to employ experience, scientific knowledge, and instinct in handling patient care activities.

• Knowledge of using hospital resources efficiently.

• Capable of coping with distressing circumstances repeatedly.

• Ability to exercise sound judgment and professionalism when in contact with patients and families.

• Able to handle confidential information and work as a patient advocate.

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